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My Birthday Spanking Two

When I was eighteen my mouth got me in some trouble.

My parents gave me birthday spankings every year until after my eighteenth birthday.  My parents had stopped giving me punishment spankings when I was fifteen, so that was the only time of year my bottom was even spanked.  When I turned thirteen they decided to start leaving up my underwear even for the one to grow on and instead give the one to grow on with a round, wooden hairbrush.  Although this actually hurt more than the hand on the bare bottom did my parents felt it was better than them seeing me bared. 

But when I was about to turn eighteen I made a mistake.  Two weeks before my birthday my mother was saying that I’d be getting eighteen and one to grow on.  I said “You’ll hurt your hand giving that many.”  My mother took it as a smart remark, which it wasn’t meant to be, but I guess could be.  Then she said “I don’t have to use my hand.”  I said “I was just saying that because of the way it’s usually done.”  The subject seemed to be dropped on a low note and wasn’t brought up again so I forgot really that it even happened… until my birthday.

When it came time for me to get my birthday spanking my mom told me that this year we were going to break tradition and not use the hand.  She said that also since this was the last year I was going to get a birthday spanking, but it most likely wasn’t going to be the last year I lived with her, I would get four birthday spankings from each of them.  The first would be done with the hairbrush on my underwear with the one to grow on to my bare bottom.  The second would be with the hairbrush to my bare bottom with the paddle on my underwear as the one to grow on.  The third would be done with a paddle on my underwear with the one to grow on being on the bare.  The fourth would be the paddle on my bare butt with three to grow on being swung like a punishment spanking would.  After my mother gave me all those I was in tears, my butt was on fire, and the worst part was that I had to take it from my dad immediately after.  I wasn’t even given a break before my dad pulled up my underwear and started swatting my bottom with the hairbrush.  I fell out of position several times, earning more than ten extras.  It was the most painful spanking I was ever given even when compared with all my punishment spankings. 

Liked it
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