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My First Near-death Experience!

This story goes to show that drinking… is NOT a good idea. Especially when you’re an idiot and want to overdo it.

So my brother was working one night and I was left alone with my sister-in-law. 
It was New Year’s Eve. Bringing in the year 2005.
She wasn’t much of a drinker and I was really young, but they had some vodka. She had no way of getting anything else, otherwise, it’d probably been something not as strong. I’m also a very tiny person. Probably 100 lbs and 5′7 so you can just imagine the impact vodka made on me haha.

Anyway, my brother had called us that night to inform me that I shouldn’t take no more than three shots and that was it. My sister-in-law obviously didn’t care either way it went because she’d seen I was having a good time and so was she. It was the New Year so what’s the big deal, right?
So, like an idiot, I took about twenty shots of vodka. No minutes inbetween, just one right after the other. Didn’t mix it or anything, just straight vodka. This wasn’t my first experience drinking alcohol, but that was the first time I’d drank vodka. And so me being little, also it being my first time, that’s why my brother warned me haha. And like I said, if my sister could have gone out, then I’d probably had some cheap alcohol to do the trick.

Well, it’s five minutes till the ball drops and I had my last shot on the table next to the couch where I slept. I didn’t make it. I immediately just passed out right there on the couch.

It was seven in the morning and I heard my brother come into the house after work. He was sniffing and saying to himself, “God, what’s that smell?” And I finally woke up. I told him what happened and all that. Then looked to see there was vomit all over my arms, on the couch, and just.. yea, everywhere. It was insane!
So I go to the bathroom to clean off and noticed my pants were really went. I had dark pajama pants on so I couldn’t see any rings of wetness, but it was definitely easy to feel. My entire pants were soaked.
So I changed out of those and went back into the living room. My brother had the sheet off the couch where there was a huge, huge ring on it. Apparently, I had peed on myself, as well as vomit, as I was asleep.

The point to this story is. I was a very, very, very lucky person to have passed out on my side. If I had passed out on my back, then I would have choked on my vomit asleep and died. 
Drinking can be fun, but don’t push yourself. I was just taking advantage of it because I was young, nobody was stopping me, but I paid for the consequences and have NEVER touched the vodka or any of that hard stuff since.
Be safe when you’re drinking and definitely don’t drink and drive.

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