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Naked with My Sister! – Embarrassing Story

From A embarrassing story about a kid being naked with his sister.

Naked with my Sister! – Embarrassing Story

I’m writing this 3 and a 1/2 months after it happened. So i came home from school (By the way, I’m 16, Male, Named ‘Ethan’), And i had to have a shower, as I ride home since it’s like 20 minutes rode from school to home. The house was quiet, so I estimated my sister (14 Years old) went to her friend’s place. I stripped off right there, and went to the shower. When I opened it, I went in only to find my sister naked as there were no towels & she was wet so she couldn’t get some towels. We both stayed staring for a few seconds until I said softly “I’m sorry…”. Then I slowly walked past her to the shower until she said “Stop.” I stopped, but didn’t turn around. She said “Mum didn’t tell you, Her & Dad have gone to Bali for Father’s Day. They won’t be back for a week. We are home alone.” I was confused, then she said “Don’t worry about being dressed while with me. I’m cool with it.” And that’s how i spent that week. :D This is true, trust me.

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