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Operation: Snowflakes for Sandyhook

Kids all over the country are helping kids at Sandyhook Elementary School by creating snowflakes to hang at the school.

We have all heard about the tragic shooing that has happened in Connecticut at the Sandyhook Elementary School. It is terrible that those kids will have to go back soon with so many children killed there in December. The staff at the school and the city are working hard to change the school into a much safer place

Sandyhook Elementary School has sent out e-mails to lots of schools in the United States to make snowflakes for the school. What kids all over the country did was, they made snowflkaes in their classrooms, as many as they wanted, and turned them into their teachers who would then give the snowflakes to the principal. Once the principal has all the snowflakes, she then sends them out to the Sandyhook Elementary School. They staff memebers at the school then decorate the halls with the snowflakes for the kids.

Even if some did not make a snowflake yet, they still can. People can make a snowflakes out of paper or they can make snowflakes on Once your snowflakes is completed, people can send them to the Sandyhook School. It is possible to find the address of the school on the internet by looking up the school name. I hope you can all help and have fun making snowflakes for the school. Let’s all pray that the kids at Sandyhook have a blessed 2013.

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