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Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower – Past Guide, Amit Kumar

You would think this is a small ship.

The main attractions in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Plimoth planting and Mayflower II ship. Authentic and fun two links to our past and the 102 passengers survived the journey across the stormy sea.

Many times the bad North Atlantic storm crew was forced to take down the sails, ship all want to just let the wind. To convince them to have to go back there in a brutal storm one of the Mayflower main beams crack and sailors.

However, continuing the journey, because it forever changed the world.

No, this is not really a history lesson, but two on two unique experience in American history, you can holiday in New England the first time.

The first article of Plymouth Plantation, covers an area of ​​and coverage in the second series Sturbridge Village.

1620 “Mayflower sailed 66 days after leaving Plymouth, England, Sept. 6, and anchored on 11 November 1620 in the port of Cape Cod in Provincetown today. Incredible, only one passenger death in the voyage.

The pilgrims decided to Cape Cod for the address is not an appropriate place, and to force the North due to weather and dangerous shoals south of Cape Cod, the pilgrims finally landed in late November in Plymouth center.

The grown in Plimoth winter cold and disease dropped settlers. 102 ashore, leaving only 52 people in the spring.

Native Wampanoag men, survivors how to plant corn, and in October 1621 in Plymouth pilgrims celebrated their first harvest plantations. Posterity would recognize the significance of the harvest, by setting aside a special day, what we now call Thanksgiving. And this day, more than any other in our calendar, combined with every American in that fateful 1620 voyage.

Direction of the film and the collection of cultural relics Henry Hornblower Visitor Center to greet you. The Plimoth plantation itself is a cycle, the main two sites, 1627 pilgrim village and Hobbamock (Wampanoag) Phoenix trip. Stroll from the main village of the museum through a craft center and farmland.

The village itself is architecture and landscape. Everything is normal and productive, and true.

Village dress, talk, act the best, we know that they have the original Plymouth Plantation. However, this does not mean that they are above or in the riddles communication or a strange tongue. Their aim is the education and entertainment, but still remain true to the era. I always feel that they are in the balance of attractive and outstanding.

You can relive and feel this spirit and the early settlement Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II replica. Located in the coastal city of Plymouth, south of Boston, about 40 mpg in the city and easily take Route 3 South.

Plymouth Plantation is a 1627 pilgrims a few miles outside the city, but authentic village, close to the highway, and the signed release.

You need to walk through the village along the Eel River Walk to the Aboriginal Phoenix.

As I said earlier, the pilgrims will not survive the first year, if not for the aboriginal help. They teach their region, agriculture and land resources, and how to thrive.

This particular area is another village where a family is a big family. Honor the importance of the indigenous people in the region and affinity.

Take the time to appreciate the skills practiced in the field of textile and leather with fire out of the boat. Inside the house, and pay attention to the building materials and the use of binding.

The residents here do not role-playing, at any time in order to discuss with them the modern theme.

Stay for some time now in the Plymouth Plantation, and rest, or at the visitor center to see the process to buy at the store with you. Then, when you are ready to continue on leave Plimoth plantation town head and Mayflower II replica.

National Water Street docking in the Mayflower II. Metered parking along the waterfront ..

You would think this is a small ship.

Imagine, in the vast North Atlantic wild and merciless. The ship leaks a journey of 2,760 miles in a painful speed of 2 mph and creaking!

Mayflower travel you will meet the passengers on board the role play. You will be able to see the small space of the passengers, spacious captain’s cabin. But most importantly, you will vote back.

If you close your eyes, listen to the seagulls overhead, you may hear a sailor shouts attractions landing and the end of a journey and the beginning of another.

Enjoy your day Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II. They entertainment remind our history and links back to a great voyage 

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