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Promises are Only Promises

Today, we commemorate International Solidarity Day as declared by UN Assembly on such a day in 2005. Read more…

Logo de la solidaridad

“I beg to everyone in every nation and of every creed, culture or tradition to cooperate in the cause to fulfill our promise at the start of the new Millennium so as to leave a legacy of peace, prosperity and sustainable progress for coming generations.” This was stated by UN Scretary General on behalf of international solidarity and when December 20th was going to be declared as International Solidarity Day to be celebrated every year.

(Resolution 60/209 dated on December 22, 2005) The translation from the Spanish into English has been done by myself. 

The UN General Assembly also created a UN Fund to relief poverty worldwide and to promote human and social development in these parts of the world most needed as their Resolution 57/265 states.

One won´t stop being amazed on hearing that such a day as today has been declared and to be celebrated every year on December 20th. 

If one thinks that the 20th Century has been one bearing two world wars and several others in many parts of the world, besides guerrilla warfare or tribal fights as well several famines that have led people to die of starvation and that there´re still many parts of this world, suffering from sheer poverty and underdevelopment, one can only think that what UN and their Assembly may declare on a given time is mere lip of mouth or at the very best good intentions that never materialise in favour of those who need these measures most. One is already thinking that the UNO is lead by those who provoke wars, famines or rivalries between the different people worldwide.

As a Spanish saying goes: “The path to hell is paved with good wishes and intentions.”

Solidarity for whom and for what?

- Since 2008, unemployment is on the rise by millions everywhere. We still have to see measures to reduce it by governments.

- Many parts of the world are being plundered by international companies greed and for their sole benefits. Now, they go for Amazonia rain forest in South America. 

- Hunger and squalor not only haven´t been made something of history, but it´s incrasing.

- Human rights are stumbled upon every day and everywhere…Day

Shall I go on with my list, based on what I see around and read on the Media?

That´s enough. I do sometimes think that instead of having stepped into the 21st Century, I´ve stepped back into the 18th one.

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. December 20th 2013. 

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