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Thanks for The Birthday Wishes Quotes

Cute and bit funny thank you quotes for birthday wishes for your Facebook status updates.

You can use the following thank you birthday wishes messages on your Facebook status, Twitter or Tumblr to pay your sincere thank to everyone, your friends and family. 

Thanks Birthday Wishes

  1. To all my friends you are awesome to take time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday that Mensa lot to me thank again you’re the greats.
  2. I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes this weekend. It’s nice to know that, even at my old age, I still have such great friends and family. Let’s do it again next year!
  3. Thank you to my beautiful friend for the best birthday ever finally making my birthday wishes come true.
  4. I have received two birthday wishes for the future! Thank you to my beautiful daughter and my handsome grandson.
  5. To the millions who wished me a Happy Birthday, thanks a ton, love each and every one of you! BTW, for those sending checks my address is still the same.
  6. A BIG thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday over the last few days – you are all amazing! I had a wonderful day filled with love, laughter, beautiful and unexpected gifts – I’m an incredibly lucky girl! Now I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend away with my man.
  7. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! I’m truly thankful having so many great people in my life!
  8. I want to thank all of you who have wished me a happy birthday. I am making it a relaxing one. It’s always nice to see well wishers.
  9. Thanks to all my Family and Friends for the Birthday Wishes. It knows all of you that make each and every day special. The smile on my face was bigger than the smile that lights up the sky soap and water couldn’t wipe it off. Thank you all for making my day so special.
  10. Thanks to all the well-wishers on my Birthday! It’s a great day to be alive.
  11. Can’t believe you all sing happy birthday to me.
  12. I know it’s a few days late but I just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate your birthday wishes that were sent to me. I love having so many friends and family that care and I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you all very much.
  13. I just want to say thank you to all the birthday wishes from so many. I am truly blessed.
  14. I could not have asked for a better birthday weekend full of surprises with the best family and friends. I am blessed beyond measure and am thankful for all the birthday wishes, too!
  15. Thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday, as well as everyone who will today because this post just reminded them.
  16. Thanks everyone all the birthday wishes, may each of you have a Blessed Day.
  17. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. Such special people surround me. Thanks for all the birthday wishes <3 I feel way lucky today.
  18. Thank you for all your lovely birthday messages had a lovely day! Lot of love to everyone!
  19. A big thank you to all those who remembered my birthday God bless you all.
  20. I just now got a chance to see all the birthday wishes from the Facebook and I’m feeling the love. Thank you all for remembering me on my day! I sure have some wonderful friends and family from way back to real recent, thanks to each of you. I did indeed have a great birthday!
  21. Thanks to everyone who sent me a Happy Birthday wish. But it’s not a happy thing getting older.

Make the above quotes for sister more funny and interesting by adding the names of your friends and family members.

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