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The End of Christmas

My feelings about saying goodbye to Christmas.

No matter how much of how little one wants the end of Christmas, come the middle of January, most people say goodbye to Christmas. 

They put down the Chritmas lights.  They take down the Christmas tree. They either put the tree in the garbage or if  it is artificial they put it in storage. 

No matter how much people like the pictures on the cards, most people throw the cards in the garbage. I don’t know why people don’t re-use the pictures as postcards. 

Some peple  -usually women -start working on making on blankets or sweaters.

I notice that by the middle of January  the ginderbread house is gone.

I have ofter thought if a person would take one day in  each month to do something for Christmas, the celebration would be lesshectic..

This yearI will avoidwatchingChristmasmoiviesuntil NovemberorDecember.

Liked it
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