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The Questionable Ring: Article/chapter 2- Was He The One?

This is about a girl who finds herself lost and confused with life, as she becomes a beautiful woman with a promising future. She has many trials and faces her own husband’s death. She turns to the best of what she has, but sometimes that is not enough. She is given a ring from her fi`ance with questionable powers, that helps her realize her importance in life. (This romance, action, thriller is the best book since "Twilight". This book will keep you in your seat, making you want to read even more. Enjoy and follow these articles/chapters weekly. They are posted weekly to Triond, Facebook, and my website:

     I will never forget the date, a date that a handsome young man walked into my life. It was an early start to spring and the flowers were full with petals. I have awakened to the chirp of a bird outside my bedroom window. It was a bright red cardinal, with a mouth full of music, to be exact. My mother yells out my name, as if breakfast were ready. I immediately rose and began to dress because it was my birthday. There was no time to lose because I knew deep down that something great was going to happen. My mother always said there was a great day for each one of us in this life and I have always believed it would be on my birthday.

    I started down the stairs and to my surprise I heard a boy’s voice, which had stopped me senseless in my tracks. I listened for a moment. My mother stated “she will be down any moment and she will be ready to help you with the garden”. It was as if she had forgotten it was my birthday. Filled with anger, I kept quit and continued down the stairs. To my surprise the neighbor, Samuel was here. “Oh great this meant we were working all day”.

    I arrived at the bottom of the stairs “Glad to see you have awaken for choirs” my mother stated. Samuel began to chuckle and the anger grew so much I wanted to smack him, but I didn’t because no woman expresses herself so openly that early. I took my breakfast off the table and made my way outside toward the garden. My mother was upset that I gave no welcome, but soon realized why I was upset.

     Samuel made his way toward the garden with a smile and began to work as he always did. He was a quiet boy who never gave attention to me because he was either shy or he must have liked me. I started to eat my breakfast and Samuel reached for his shovel and said “why are you so unhappy today”. I turned and just kept to myself, as if he were not present. “It must be someone’s birthday today” stated Samuel. I turned with a smile “how did you know” with a smart response. “Well I just figured this was the same way you acted when we first met, remember?” Well he was right and we began to talk about how my mother never remembered my birthday. “She always forgets my birthday” I stated. “Well maybe you just have to remind her sometimes or every year”, Samuel stated. We both began to laugh. In my mind, Samuel seemed different today, as if the boy I met many years ago was beginning to care about how I felt.

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