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Top Ten Interesting Ways to Say Happy New Year (Different Languages)

Here are some interesting ways to say "Happy New Year." You may have to be careful with some of them.

Every different language group around the world has their own way of saying “Happy New Year.” To the English ear or eye, there are some ways that seem comical, interesting or even exotic. This is my top ten list of ways to say “Happy New Year” that are, well, different.

(1)   Bangang (Cameroon) – Mbung  Mbung Ngouh Suiie

That greeting is like onomatopoeia. It makes me think of African drums.


(2)   Breton (North West France)  – Bloavez Mad

This one looks like if you are blowing as a mad person.


(3)   Bulgarian –  Chestita Nova Godina

Yes, Happy New Year! God knows that it is good to get that off my chest.


(4)   Cambodian  – Soursdey Chhnam Tmei

Don’t upset anyone now. It is a happy new year and you do not want to have a sour day.


(5)   Cebuano (Philippines) – Mabungahong Bag-Ong Tuig

It sounds like drums again with a hound thrown in. Maybe you can bag one.


(6)   Chaha, Iza, Geto (Ethiopia) – Boxem As Nana-H M

To the English speaker this looks like “Box ‘em” or “Box them down.” I thought “Boxing Day” passed already.


(7)   Chinese – Gung – Hay Fat-Choy

Do not say this to someone trying to lose weight. The last part sounds too much like “Hi fat boy” or even “Hey fat boy.” You want to have a “Happy New Year” not a “Soursdey.”


(8)   Estonian – Head uut aastat

First we saw “Chestita” now “Head.”


(9)   Hungarian  – Boldog Ooy Ayvet

The written form is priceless! It looks like “bulldog” and ends with “vet.” Well, I’ll be dog gone!

(10)          Thai  – Sawadee Pee Mai

Depending on the names of your friends “urine” big trouble when you say this. They might get pissed off.


Well, I said “Top Ten” but I cannot resist giving a bonus. In Sardinian, spoken in Italy “Happy New Year” is “BonusPrinzipius E Mellus Fuinis.” In Svan, spoken in Georgia they say “XwayZomxau Adzhye: Nax” I guess after Xmas comes Xway.


Happy New Year!


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