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Top Three Places to Make Christmas Donations

The joys of helping needy families enjoy Christmas.

Christmas time is a wonderful time for many families. However, there are a few families that are in such poverty, they can not afford to purchase gifts for their children or loved ones at Christmas time.

A few organizations have set up programs to help these children have a better Christmas, by donations from others in the community. Listed below, are the top 3 places to donate.

Toys for Tots

They usually begin accepting unwrapped gifts as early as October. You can search for a toy drop off location or local campaigns at the website ToysforTots

Also, from their website, you can help them raise money by sending free e-cards, and you can donate to them your “MyCokeRewards” points.

The Salvation Army

The Christmas Tree Angels is one of the programs they offer. Sponsors put the trees in shopping stores, with angel tags listed with the child’s name, clothing size, and toys wanted. The contributors who take angel names from the tree has the choice to purchase them clothing or toys from their wish list. Once the items have been purchased, you can turn them in to the Salvation Army office or accepting unit.

Whenever you see the volunteer(s) ringing the bell with a red kettle in front of Wal-Mart or other stores, the money they collect is used for toys for the children, dinner to feed the poor families, clothing, necessities for homeless individuals, and items for hospital and nursing home patients.

For those who do not get out much, donations can also be made to the Salvation Army  online.

If you want the donation used only for Christmas gifts, you must state that fact in the “specific use” box immediately below the amount you are donating.


The first thing to do if you want to join this program, is to find out if “Operation Santa Claus” is offered at your local USPS. You will be able to read actual letters from needy children to Santa Claus. You can purchase the items that you wish to purchase, and choose to hand deliver or mail the items. It’s also best if you say the gifts are from “Santa”



Some families barely slip by the Holidays purchasing items for their own loved ones. But for those who do have a little extra, it is a great feeling to give and know that you have made someone else’s Christmas very special.

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  1. mdegenhardt

    On September 23, 2008 at 6:32 am

    Donating to any one of these is definitely putting Christ back into Christmas. All should pay attention to this read. Very well said! Michael

  2. jo oliver

    On September 23, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Very good, M.

    Thanks for reminding us that the Christmasspirit is not about what you get, but rather what you can give.

    I can never pass those red buckets without giving up my change. If you put a couple of quaters in each time you pass one, it does not dent your pocketbook as bad as sticking a 10, 20, etc in.

    I also give all Kaitlynn’s old toys & clothes to the salvation once a year. I need to start planning this donation around Christmas time though!

  3. Darla Smith

    On September 23, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    This is a very helpful and informative article. Our Church has an Angel Tree for the children in our area every year at Christmas time and we always pick a child to buy gifts for.

  4. M Stokes

    On September 24, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Thanks for your replies :)

  5. Sharon

    On September 24, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    i usually only give money to the ones ringin the bells. i do have some hand me downs tho if the places except those.

  6. meg

    On September 30, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    My name is Meg Henshall and i was inspired to write you a message in refrence to my family. I am a 22 year old single mother of two beautiful boys, unfortunitly i would have had 3 if i wanst in the abusive relationship i had with my childrens father. The past few years of my life really changed who i am as an indavidual, i have grown into a good mom and have been able to experience the true meaning of love with my children. I have been from homeless shelter, to battered womens shelters to living in my car singing on the streets for money. I feel like there are times where i dont deserve my children, i give them all of me, but i cant afford a real home or a good car and nice clothes for my children. Here in virginia its alomost impossible to survive due to the prices of living. I feel like i am much more successful then i am. I have been through dental classes and have acheived my goal at being and ortho technician. For the past 6 jobs i have had i have been “let go” due to being a single mother. They would say “we normally cant hire single moms due to the stablity level” and not being able to be on call. I cant live my life like this. I have to do something. I have been a musician, singer and songwriter for the past 15 years now. I’ve been singing all around the virginia borders, from the white house to the kennedy center, and from recording a CD with the singing sargents of america, to singing my children to sleep every night. Today i am writing you asking you to consider my letter from the bottom of your heart! i can not afford to give my children a christmas, and i am asking you for help. please please please help make my childrens christmas memorable.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Meg Henshall
    703.302.0114— please contact me for further information

  7. april

    On November 6, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    and I have 3 children 7, 14, 16 I have two girls and a boy who are the love of my life. They ty har to keep their grades up and stay in school. We believe in GOD ans attend church every sunday. I’m writing this letter to ask for HELP this year for me and my fmily for CHRISTMAS with the economy being down I barely can pay the bills and I can not give children any kind of christmas any small donation will help very very very MUCH!!

    please call
    707 419 5473
    thank you very much just for reading

  8. Melissa

    On November 12, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Hi…I am writing because this year has been really tough for me and my family. This past may my three year old daughter got diagnose with leukemia…I was already on a leave from my job because I was on bedrest with my third pregnancy . So in september 2008 my job had to let me go…so as you can imagine its been really hard and now with christmas around the corner and three kids I don’t know how I am going to do it. So if any one can donate just one toy for each of my children I will appreciated so much thank you all for reading. Here is my email address

  9. Sonia

    On November 24, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Hello…I am writing to seek some help for my family. I have 3 boys (17,14,13). Things have been really tough for my family since my husband was laid off his job after 14 years of service with the company. This has really left my husband depressed and I feel like I\’m drowning. We all had to move in with my mom because we could not pay the bills. Now, my mom is really struggling to keep things going. I don\’t want to tell my kids that there will be no Christmas this year but I don\’t know what to do. I\’m hoping to get some help this year for my family. If anyone can provide us with some assistance, I would appreciate it. Please call 770 558 2691. Thank you so much.

  10. jenny

    On December 23, 2008 at 10:52 am

    hy…iam a 21 year old from hartford ct and iam writing to seek help for my sister ,she is 27 y old resident at the manchester ct area she has 5 adorable children and has been true alot of strugle the pass 2 years she suferrs from drepresion and iwont like to see her be drepress this christmas, theres not much i can do for her as iam unenployed at the time but i will apreciate if someone could provide some assistance you may contact me at(860)680-3670,thank you and may god blees us all…

  11. Fran

    On July 30, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Here around Delaware we have homeless shelters and I had convinced my company to donate to the one nearest to us. Since then I have been dropping off items that I find and think they can use. It doesn\’t matter what you have to give they will accept anything that is usable. I try to give often even though I have a hard time myself.

  12. Angels with Faith Ministries 501c3 charity

    On October 28, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Date: 11/01/2012 – 12/25/2012 Angels with Faith Ministries 501c3 non-profit charity announces the kickoff of our Christmas Angels Program on November 1st through which we provide Christmas to 100s of area children who would not otherwise have anything under the tree on Christmas morning.Since we receive no funding we rely strictly on the tax deductible donations of our community & this year we expect over 1000 children.We have volunteers to pickup donated toys(new&LIGHTLY used),Bikes,baby needs,gifts for older children,warm clothing,food for holiday baskets,computers,laptops&other electronics such as mp3 playesr,ipods,tablets etc,donations can also be made via paypal on our website We are hosting a 1 day Christmas Angels festival& Toy drive fundraiser event at Jug tavern Park & Pavillion on December 1st from 7 am until 7 pm.We have live music being played all day by local groups country,gospel & Christmas music, free moonwalks,facepainting & of course Santa for the kids,a Cutest Kids contest (everyone is welcome to enter those cute kids see details on our website)with the grand prize being donated by Disney World Orlando,games,a bake sale (donations needed by November 30th PLEASE),silent auctions for authentic autographed Nascar,music & sports legends,raffles all day for those who donate new toys,bikes(new or lightly used),food,gift cards,or by credit card,check or cash for every donation you will receive a raffle ticket for these drawings to be held every 30 minutes for GREAT prizes donated by area merchants.We will also have our Angel Tree from which you can choose a family or families to adopt or sponsor for Christmas & choose to meet & work with that family personally or through us.ALL donations are tax deductible & 100% of ALL donations go directly to providing Christmas gifts,warm clothing & holiday food baskets to Georgia childen.PLEASE come out & show your support & love for Georgias littlest angels!Applications for Christmas assistance available beginning November 1st or through DFCS & also childrens hospital,disabled military groups,Toys for Tots,Salvation Army,etc & can also be emailed to us here after November 1st.You must live in georgia,have a true financial need for assistance & you must not be receiving Christmas help from anywhere else,we will check. If you are a vendor & would like to reserve a spot to sell your arts & crafts,Christmas items,etc please call asap deadline is November 22nd we have 15 spots available for a $25 donation you can have a spot for the busiest shopping weekend of the month,you must provide your own tables & all vendors must remember that we are a Christian charity so no profanity etc will be sold. Lori,director 678-754-1541/Rev Michael Tuck 678-754-2337 volunteers Avis 678-887-1988 Vickie 770-990-4579 email Location: Angels with Faith Ministries & Church 501c3 non-profit charity Address: 722 Chicken Lyle RD Winder,GA 30680

    Last Updated
    October 21, 2012


    722 Chicken Lyle Rd Winder,Ga 30680, Winder, Georgia


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