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Trending News Digest, 14 June 2013

Good Morning, America! This is what has happened while you were asleep, and what can be misread as a genuine doubt about that. Trending news with all skepticism it can ever provoke!

US administration says that it has conclusive evidence that Assad deployed chemical weapons against rebels, killing up to 150 people. This marks what is being called the “crossing the red line”. Now, apparently, the administration can authorize supply of weapons to the rebels. The aid to the rebels until now, has been limited to “medical supplies”.

Chemical weapons in a domestic conflict? While the whole world is breathing down his neck? Is Assad dumb? On the other hand, is this WMD and Saddam saga with a new star cast? This, unfortunately, will be known only after “Democracy” is restored in Syria, with the dictator put down. Then Syrians will then enjoy “Peace and freedom” just like Iraqis are doing now!

FBI Director Robert Mueller apparently has no knowledge of the specifics of the IRS probe. He was not able to recall the name of the lead investigator when asked to name him. However, he has very nobly and staunchly defended the domestic surveillance program stating that the there is a need to be a step ahead of “criminals and terrorists” while not compromising the civil liberties of Americans.

Not knowing the name of the lead investigator or recall it off hand is strange. Is it incompetence or is it being a plain retard? One thing is very clear. The FBI and the NSA do not have any specific intelligence regarding any threat to anything. They are just sifting through everyone’s privacy in the hope that they hit the pay dirt. And we pay for this waste and incompetence.

A Miami-area sports bar collapsed on Thursday during the NBA Finals, injuring 24 people, two of them sustaining critical injuries. What was to be an event of enjoyment turned chaotic when the patio deck gave away with about 100 patrons on it. Emergency response units sent in divers to search for survivors under the deck while helicopters shone lights from above.

This is not to trivialize the accident but, a 100 people on a patio deck, over water, in a bar and grill during NBA is a recipe for disaster. Sports and liquor make for a heady mixture and the collective boisterousness may have triggered the collapse.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill to protect Christmas and other holiday celebrations in public schools from legal challenges. It is now okay to say “Merry Christmas” in public schools without the fear of legal action.

Texas is now free from the dark ages imposed by the futuristic thought of secularism. Secularism in its true sense would have made this law redundant, had it not been overtaken by the overzealous. While it is okay to say “Merry Christmas”, will it be also okay to say “Shalom” or “Namaste” is to be seen.

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