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Turn Your New Year’s Resolution Into Money!

You can get paid to lose weight this New Year. You can get help with your resolution, help others with theirs, and make a commission.

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In another article I wrote I focused on why so many people fail to lose weight even though it is the number one New Year’s resolution.  I this article I want to show you how you can not only beat the failure cycle but capitalize on this yearly tradition.

Challenge Groups

Team Beachbody coaches have been putting on small challenges groups for a few years now. The system is simple.  Everyone in the group buys a challenge pack.  It comes with the workout program of their choice, a free month Team Beachbody club membership, and their flavor of choice or a 30 day supply of Shakeology on a monthly auto ship. (Membership and monthly auto ship can be cancelled at any time.)  You set a start date for the challenge group.  You set up a daily check in.  This is used to motivate, support, and keep everyone accountable.  Most Coaches set up a Face-book Group, but you can do it anyway you like.  The challenge runs between 60 and 90 days depending on the workout program you are doing.  That’s it!

How do you make money?

Talk to friends, family, coworkers about doing the challenge group.  Tell them that everyone needs to get a challenge pack so they can participate.  If they are serious about losing the weight they need to get the challenge pack and join the group.  You want to shoot for at least 5 people plus yourself.

Once you get your group committed you need to buy your challenge pack and sign up as a coach.  You can choose any challenge pack that you want, for the purpose of this article we are going to say that you choose the most expensive workout program, Les Mills Pump.  It costs you $245.

Your challenge pack is now on the way and you are an official Independent Team Beachbody coach.  You now send your group the link to your store to buy their challenge packs.  Your 5 friends are all cheap skates, so they each buy the cheapest challenge pack.  Your commission is $50 each.  In about a week you can start your 90 day challenge group.

During the first month you all drink your Shakeology every day.  You all love it and feel great because of the nutrition it gives you.  Only one of your friends cancels the auto ship in the first month because of the cost.  So you have four friends that re order Shakeology every month.

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