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Valentine’s Day Taglines for Co-workers

Valentines Day is a special time, when sending out a little affection to others is okay.

The legend of the Valentine is very fine indeed. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, is a special time when showing others heart-felt feelings, in a sweet and innocent way, is welcome. This is a day to be sentimental, to remember other people.

Have heart!

Be mine.

I love your work performance!

I like you!

You have taken my heart.

Sweetheart, be my friend.

This is to a special friend on Valentine’s Day.

Today is a sweet day for a sweet person like you.

This message is full of all the affection you need to get through today.

Electronically yours this Valentine’s Day.

Everyone at work sends you sentiments on February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the computer in the next cubicle.

Traditionally, people send flowers or candy to close friends and or family, whereas, everyone else gets a Valentine’s message, whether soft copy or printout. Cutting out a white, pink, or red paper heart might bring a person back to elementary school, which is about all a person needs to do at work or at a social group.

It’s best to be friendly without being personal to co-workers on Valentine’s Day.

This gopher sends you a Valentine’s Day greeting.

Time to  go-fer a Valentine.

This Valentine greeting doubles as a reality check – you’re not going to get any at the office.

Liked it
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