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Valentines Day Weird Trivia

Here are some facts about "lovers day", Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a time of romance and love that is celebrated around the world……basically the westernized world, as it is now a big retail and marketing ‘holiday’. What do you really know about February 14th other than buying your sweetheart a card,chocolate and dinner out?

1. The Christian Church is said to have promoted St. Valentines Day celebrations back in the old days, in order to get people to stop celebrating the Pagan festivals revovling around the Festival Lupercalia,purification rites and fertility rites associated with the coming of Spring.

2. Did you know over 2 billion Valentines cards are sent out each year, through the mail and no one knows how many million via email?

3. When did the first Valentine “card” appear? No one really knows.

But we do know: Shakespeare spoke of St. Valentines Day in his play Hamlet….the Duke of Orleans is documented as having sent one of the Valentines in 1415, while being held in the Great Tower of London {it is in the British Museum of History}…Cupid was a lessor god of love and romance in Roman Mythology that is associated with Valentines….Anteros [anti--arrow!] is Cupids brother and was said to be the god of un-requitted love.


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