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Vomiting Pumpkin: How to Make Your Own Gross Jack-o-lantern for Halloween

Are you tired of the same old, same old Halloween pumpkin fair–cutesy pumpkins with jigsaw mouths and triangle noses and eyes? Big yawn! You want to make a statement with your jack-o-lantern. You aim to carve a masterpiece: a gross pumpkin that will stir the contents of trick-or-treaters’ intestines and make them feel like they’re gonna hurl. This article provides you with how-to tips and the needed inspiration to carve your own vomiting pumpkin.

You Need Not Be a Creative Genius to Carve a Gross Pumpkin

The beauty of creating the perfect vomiting pumpkin is that you need not be an artistic genius. The pumpkin’s puke itself is going to be the focus of your masterpiece so you need not worry too much about the skill with which you carve your vomiting pumpkin. The following two pumpkin specimens prove my point. The artistic skill with which they were created is average, but the effect they produce is very effective. They are indeed sick, disgusting, and revolting jack-o-lanterns.

One sick pumpkin by lynch.
image source

Consider the Facial Expression of Your Vomiting Pumpkin

Now while you need not be a creative virtuoso to carve a gross pumpkin that will have the desired gross-out effect, a little consideration of your vomiting pumpkin’s facial expression can help. You should aim to carve a pumpkin that has a face that illustrates its under-the-weather state. Consider making one of its eyeballs bulge out or carve squinting eyeballs to convey its discomfort.


image source

puke by WayTru.

image source

Include Props for Added Gross Pumpkin Effect

Sick Pumpkin by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker.

image source

You might want to include some props to establish the reason your vomiting pumpkin is in its current debilitated state. Some empty beer bottles or half-eaten candy bars should do the trick.

Mix in Other Food Items into Your Gross Pumpkin’s Vomit

image source

The effect of the above gross pumpkin could be exponentially improved by mixing in other food items into its vomit. You can easily transform a blase vomiting pumpkin to gross pumpkin masterpiece by mixing in a few choice food items, such as a nice, colorful, chunky bean salsa, stew, or salad and/or fresh chunks of watermelon. These items look appealing when they are served but consider how they’ll look half-digested.

Vegan 4 Bean Chili by ilovemypit.

image source

watermelon by imagelane.
image source

Find a Strategic Placement for Your Vomiting Pumpkin

The placement of your gross pumpkin can help you achieve the effect you want. Think of how to strategically place your pumpkin to achieve the biggest impact on trick-or-treaters or other Halloween guests. Perhaps you want to have your gross pumpkin puking on the head of a second pumpkin or puking on the Halloween dinner table. Or you could have your gross pumpkin hurling into the kitchen sink or guest toilet. Ah, the possibilities are endless.

Puking Pumpkin.JPG by -pottymouth-.

image source

Puking Pumpkin by Daniel Morrison.
image source

Achieve the Ultimate Gross-Out Effect with Your Vomiting Pumpkin

pumpkin puke? by mahfrot.
image source

To achieve the ultimate vomiting pumpkin effect, you might want to serve a nice pumpkin stew for Halloween dinner. Think of the gross-out effect you could realize by serving up a pot of boiling pumpkin stew on a dining table lined with vomiting pumpkins! You would undoubtedly be crowned Gross-Out Halloween Host/Hostess Extraordinaire for such an in-poor-taste yet highly memorable Halloween dinner.

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    On October 25, 2009 at 10:49 am

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    On October 30, 2009 at 4:22 am

    hahahaha… that was just gross! but I loved the big one being sick on the head of the little one! and you have got to have carrot in the sick, everyone has carrots even if they haven’t eaten any! great funny article.

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