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Weird and Unique Jack O’ Lantern Designs

Carve unique and unusual Jack O’ Lanterns for Halloween decorations and festive fall scenes. Put your harvested pumpkins to good use in unforgettable designs perfect for a Halloween party.

Turn extra pumpkins into unique Jack O’ Lanterns for decorating your porch, deck, or yard this Halloween. With the use of pumpkin lights, jar candles, or low-watt outdoor Christmas strings, you can light an elaborate pumpkin display of creative proportions.

The Caterpillar

Form a chain of pumpkins with carved spots, stripes, or other simple designs and a carved caterpillar “face” at the head. A string of pumpkin or low-heat lights will be perfect for lighting up a curved and twisting caterpillar on your porch or stoop.

Totem Pole

Stack your carved pumpkin faces into a totem pole lit with jar candles, touch lights, or a string of pumpkin lights inserted through holes in the back. Each face or front design can be unique — for a creative touch, consider the animal designs favored in ancient totem poles or try out your own silly or scary designs — how about the scariest characters from classic horror films?

Chain of Heads

A variety of different faces and ghoulish expressions are perfect for creating a long row of lanterns to line your porch, deck, or steps. Whether you carve cartoon characters, shrunken heads, or simple the standard Jack O’ Lantern faces, a row of grinning pumpkins on your porch is sure to produce a few compliments. For an extra unique touch: carve large selections from White Lumos pumpkins with “skull” faces for a Halloween pirate scene.

The variety of faces, details, and designs you can create are limited only to your imagination. Enjoy showing off your pumpkin harvest in a stellar Jack O’ Lantern extravaganza this Halloween.

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