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What are The Mummers?

One evening our night was interrupted by a group of disguised women and men called The Mummers.

Over the Christmas holidays we went visiting to my parents house, and one evening as we were all sitting around the living room someone rang the bell one evening. Not knowing who it was my mom answered the door and at first we couldn’t see who it was but hear quite a commotion and hear a ghetto blaster playing some music.

My mom insisted come in come in to the people at the door and once they came in the house we saw that they were dressed humourously. They wore there bra’s on the outside of their shirts, and one padded her bum with a large pillow. They wore dishcloths and doily’s over their faces.

Me and my sisters looked at each other quizzically – what was going on here? They sang there song then pulled out a container of shooters to have a drink. My dad insisted on making them a drink. My mom seeing the looks on our faces said ‘The Mummers are here’ haven’t you ever heard of the mummers?

 We all looked at each other for an explanation but none of us had ever heard of the mummers. So she explained to us that it was a Newfoundland tradition – that around the Christmas holidays they would go from house to house visiting and they had to have a drink at each house they were invited into and if they were recognized they had to take off their masks. (That’s why they wear the funny costumes to try to disguise their identities)

So they all sat around the kitchen and had a drink my mom recognized most of the mummers so they had to reveal their faces. No I have never heard of the Mummers before but if I ever did again at least I won’t be so taken off guard.

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