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What is Your New Year Resolution?

Have you noticed that much of the New Year resolutions are self and health oriented? Chances are if you ask anyone what his/her New Year resolution is this is what you will get…

Medical copter carrying 3 crashes - Aeronautics?

Afghan vet paralyzed in Calif. shooting - Shocking News?

Clues sought in Texas family deaths - - Shocking News?

The thug could nurture an inferiority or insecurity complex and was jealous of the attention Christopher owned, the low life is probably part of the “Death Wish Generation” and inherited a Dragon’s Tail or Pluto (death) in Scorpio (passion/jealousy) but without Cosmic Consciousness how can they know, handle and use their natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity” properly?

Furthermore, I took 22 out of 2011 to find out the natal Dragon’s Tail (karma) of Christopher Sullivan and sad enough he was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Leo (short life/UN-famous.) With such a Dragon’s Tail in NO way should he take ANY risks with his life and he should consider himself extraordinary lucky to have made it out of Afghanistan alive. Furthermore when the “accident” took place Christopher was right into one of his UNLUCKY window dates but who was there to warn him of the dangers ignoring the Cosmic Code rules or God’s will?

Now there are millions of soldiers, cops and valiant souls risking their lives every single day to save others and many should NOT be  into such dangerous professions unless Cosmic Conscious.  But the dreadful lack of education involving their birth/celestial prints is not tutored  and the failing blind educational system is far from realizing those “accidents” are preventable with the proper information.

I see the evil dance of such an humongous ignorance stealing young lives endlessly where stunned victims, parents, cops and traditionally educated psychologists/psychiatrists are left shocked and dumbfounded. This is the results of a truly unstable spiritually dead humanity trained and riveted to live for their deceptive religions, entertainments and sports. If the majority of the world could gain access to my teachings and reasoning or take the time to read  about their own Dragon Power or Personal lucky/unlucky Dragon Dates produced by their natal UCI  they could apply their will and control their stars and fate.

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