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Who Is Uncle Sam?

I am going to explain the origins of Uncle Sam that might surprise you.

Image by BL1961 via Flickr

It is almost Independence Day.  Everybody learns about the start of America, but a lot of people admit there are just some things they don’t know about their country and wish they did.  I am going to explain Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam is the traditional image of the United States.  The story goes that there was once a man named Samuel Wilson, but was called Uncle Sam by many.  Samuel Wilson was a meat inspector who inspected beef and poultry in Troy N.Y.

After the declaration of war against England in 1812, he inspected meat for the government.

A number of provisions were purchased by a man named Elbert Anderson.  When his meat arrived, the package had the letters E.A.  and U.S.  The E.A. was the mans initials.  Nobody could figure out what U.S. meant and decided it meant Uncle Sam.  A lot of products and properties had his initials on them during those early years.  He was a man known for how much he ‘owned”

The first known drawing of him was in 1852 made with a long beard and a hat and clothes that resembled the American flag.

I hope this article helped all who wondered about Uncle Sam, like me.

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