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Why Do We Use Bells at Christmas Time?

This is about why bells are used at christmas time.

Believed it was that Christmas bells were used to let everyone know that Jesus was born on the day of Christmas as we know it today. Now we have all seen the bell ringers around Christmas time ringing their bells for the charities that are trying to help families that can not afford to do anything for Christmas. The Salvation Army is one charity that helps families through the holidays especially through Christmas with standing in front of your local stores ringing a bell to get people to donate money to their cause. Christmas bells have become a part of ringing in the joy of the holidays. ( is one that offers some info on Christmas bells.

It was also believed that Christmas bells signified the ringing out the old and ringing in the new for Christmas and New Years. Bells of any kind make so many different sounds that all say joy and getting the attention of the people that hear them. The next time you hear a bell during Christmas time think about why it is being rung. We have made having bells around Christmas such a tradition even if they are just for decoration. People known as Carol singers also use bells at Christmas to go door to door to spread the joy of Christmas to. There are even Christmas songs like Jingle bells that have the sound of bells for Christmas in the song. Santa used bells on his sleigh to announce his arrival to the homes he visited on Christmas Eve. You can find out more in books at your local library and bookstores in the area that you live. Merry Christmas enjoy the holidays with everyone that is special to you this year and be safe.

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    On September 21, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Hi there,
    Christmas bells have a lot of significance in Christmas celebrations mainly in the decoration of Christmas tree. They are also known as ‘jingle bells’. These bells produce a soothing tune when wind passes through them and the melodious tunes give out the Christmas songs. There are different types of Christmas bells and each has their own significance. Here is a site which explains about different types of bells and their history. It is:

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