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Winter in Canada

What Canada is like in the winter.

What is Canada like  in the winter?

It is long.

It is cold.

It is probably the real reason why Americans stopped trying to invade us.

An Australian was once told that winter in Canada was like white sheets covering the living room.

That must have been an American who told them that.

Winter is like living in a freezer for seven months of the year.

Foreigners seem to think Canadians are always building snowmen. It has been a long time since I have done so. 

People toboggan but I has I have done so for a long time.People skate and play hockey .People ski and snowboard.

I am more likely to stay inside.

However it is hard to stay away from icy sidewalks. And driving and shoveling snow can be a challenge.

A lot of people get exercise by going to the mall.Perhaps that is why Christmas is so popular. We have things we need but who can resist a gift.

Even though it is cold, if you are dressed for the weather, it can be pleasant. Have a hat. Have mittens or gloves.  Wear boots.Wear a coat.

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