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Worst Valentine’s Day Presents

Be careful what you will give for a present. A Valentine’s gift could be very essential for your relationship, so don’t do anything stupid.

Valentine’s day is just a few days away and is one of the biggest commercial holidays in the Christian world. As a man we often forget about these things, so we come unprepared. But don’t worry – you have more than a week to buy her a present and it could be even a good one. I know you already have a few ideas, but just to make sure, read this article, so you know what not to buy and why.

What are the worst Valentine’s day presents? You have to realise, that women don’t want cheesy gifts and you have to pick things, that will compliment her not the opposite. So, think a little before you act, think about the consequences.


Lingerie is something that most man want to buy for their girlfriends, but it is far from the best idea. It is sexy and it would be a good present in other circumstances, but not here. Note, that if she buys sexy lingerie to wear it on Valentine’s day, it is okay, it is even really good, but if You buy it, it is a call for disaster. What you are saying with this gesture is that you want her for sex. And Valentine’s day is supposed to be about love and feelings, and about giving money to greeting card companies. So saying to her “I want you for sex” is not the best idea.

Sexy costumes are out of the question, too. The reasons are the same. You can make your sexual life a little bit more interesting with an outfit like that, but it should be up to her, when to buy such clothing. So don’t push your luck and buy her something lovable.


Everywhere you go you see different jewellery and other gifts in the shape of a heart. It is all natural, because it’s Valentine’s day, but this does not mean, that you should buy something like that. Heart shaped gifts are extremely clichéd, because they have been on the market for decades. So if you have bought a necklace with a heart figure or chocolates in the shape of a heart – throw it away and eat the chocolates. She won’t be really pleased.

Flowers are always good, but don’t give her the red roses pack. Everybody is giving red roses for valentine’s day. And if you think, that if you get some flowers from the front yard will be more romantic, because it is more natural – don’t. If you are going to give a bouquet, make it look good and original. After all, this is an expression to your feelings, so it needs to be different from the others.

Insulting Gifts

Don’t ever, EVER give her something that will insult her body or abilities. This means you should forget about any books about cooking or sex, no memberships to the gym or no kitchen appliances. Some men think, that if they give a gym membership will be really nice, because they will be able to go together and there will be massages involved, and women love massages. No! Give her a free massage card, not a gym membership. You are basically saying, that she is fat and she needs to lose weight.

The same goes if you give her a scale or any weight losing books. Don’t do it. Appliances are out of the question, too. If you give her a blender or an iron is quite insulting. The worst gift possible is giving her a plastic surgery. She might like it if she is from Hollywood or if she is seeing a few other men besides you. But if she is a normal girl, plastic surgery is equal to end of your relationship.

You can get her a free house cleaning by rubbish removals London based companies. Waste removals will clean your hole place, so it will leave you a lot of free time for you and her, but it could insult her in a way – it might say, that she is not a good at cleaning. So if you are going to do it, think of an original way to present your pesent.

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