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2012: It Has Begun

Can you not see that the world is ending. Maybe the Mayans were on to something…

The above image shows the locations of current ongoing conflicts. Those marked in dark blue are major wars which cause 1000+ violent deaths per year. Those in light blue are minor wars but still cause 10 – 1000 violent deaths per year. These figures do not include all those injured in the conflicts. These are also only the locations of the wars — it does not include all the countries that are fighting them. If they were to be included, nearly every nation on the planet would be involved in some kind of warfare. This shows that peace on our planet is disintegrating. How long can this keep up before we are all dead?
Nuclear Arms: The idea of a nuclear holocaust goes back over half a century. Even though it is far from most people’s minds at present, it is still just as much of a threat as it was 50 years ago.The above image shows all the countries that are known to have nuclear weapons, or are suspected of having them or a nuclear program. Those in green formerly possessed nuclear weapons but no longer have them. The sheer amount of countries that possess these weapons of mass destruction is quite scary. Those highlighted in red, are countries that posses nuclear weapons and are not part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That means that they have never said they won’t use their weapons for an aggressive attack. These countries, India, Pakistan and North Korea, pose a threat to the whole world. If they were to attack, would the other countries possessing WMD use them as well?
Politics: Recently, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, passed away leaving the whole world on alert to see how the most isolated country in the world would react. North Korea has conducted nuclear tests in the past and is currently still in ongoing conflict with their rival neighbour, South Korea. Who knows what kind of conflict could arise with such a politically tense situation.Another unfolding situation is the US sanctions on Iran. Iran has threatened the US Navy after sanctions on the country have begun to take effect. This could easily lead to another conflict in a region already riddled with war and destruction.
As you can see, the world appears to be in the midst of it’s destruction. This does not even go into the issues of global warming, over population, pollution, loss of biodiversity and the numerous other problems that are beginning to plague our planet. This all seems to point to one thing — the end of the world in 2012. Maybe the Mayans were wrong about the date, however. There are a lot of bad things going on; it wouldn’t be surprising we were all gone before December 21.

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