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A Number of Palestinian Prisoners to be Released

Israel said it would release a number of Palestinian prisoners as part of a consensus with the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry.


Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, said 4,817 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Minister for international relations, Yuval Steinitz, said they would be released, including ‘heavyweight prisoners’ who are imprisoned for decades.

The move was announced following John Kerry’s statement on Friday (19/07), the Jordanian capital, Amman, that Israel Save and the Palestinians have agreed to resume peace talks in Washington.

As a first response to Israel on an agreement reached through mediation John Kery, Steinitz added peace talks would begin without the other demands of the Palestinian, like freezing construction of residential areas and back 1967 borders.

“There is no chance that we agreed to enter into any negotiations that began with the re-determination or the territorial limits of Israel’s concessions, nor is there any construction freeze.”

In a statement on an Israeli radio station, Steinitz also said that the release of the prisoners will take place in stages.

Stalled since 2010

John Kerry

John Kerry back and forth to the Middle East to revive Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

In return, according to Yuval Steinitz, the Palestinians reportedly ready to negotiate seriously for at least nine months.

However John Kerry in front of reporters in Amman, refused to reveal the details of the agreement reached Israel and Palestine.

U.S. Secretary of State was already six times visited the region during the past few months as keffort to turn back peace talks stalled since 2010.

Last direct talks Israel and the Palestinians when it stalled residential areas of development-related issues, in violation of international law, although Israel denied it.

Based group of human rights activists Israel, B’Tselem, 4,817 Palestinians were detained as Israeli jails.

The release of detained before the 1993 Oslo peace negotiations has long been the Palestinian demands.

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