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A Plan of Action

The need for National Economic Reform’ Ten Articles of Confederation.

“The history of the world is still being written by Valiant’s and Cowards, by heroic and treacherous acts, the vanquished are restrained, the victorious write it, the courageous die and the cowards steal the glory.” This quote pretty well sums up what has transpired through-out the history of the world. Even more poignant for the times of today. 

The United States is at center stage right now with the government shutdown and the sequester’s impact being felt all across the country while the rest of the world is watching as to what will happen next. One of the biggest concerns now is will congress finally get it’s act together and raise the ever important debt ceiling? Back in 2011 the last time congress was at issue with the Obama Administration the Republican led congress was deadlocked on reaching any sort of compromise, just like today. But, somehow managed to, like Dudley Do Right, come in and save the day with a last minute deal only to have spending cuts incorporated. It is those spending cuts that has only continued to deepen an already wounded economy. Another repeat performance by our most stupendous, most magnificent, and most benevolent Republican led congress. These “Wizards” of budget cutting acumen are poised with pen at the ready to vanquish all the expenditures that have been in play that is keeping our fragile economy afloat. In essence a form of congressional blackmail against a sitting President will take place just so a few radical Republicans can show they can hostage take our government and impose their views against the will of the majority. This, so that the debt ceiling will be raised and avert an economic disaster. Dudley Do Right, not even close. 

When we sit back and really think about all the blundering the US has caused with our foreign policy decisions over the past 20 years especially in the Mid-East and Africa have all opened a Pandora’s box of events that has continued to thrust the world’s tensions into a fever pitch of aggression. Sure, we captured the leader of Al-Qaeda and others but managed in the process to ignite the flames of hate, violence, and turmoil where regimes have fallen only to bring rise for more upheaval and aggression. In the process retaliation and more aggression have surfaced. The recent carnage in Nairobi is just a sampling of what lays ahead. Can it be that the foreign policy makers have continued to bungle and meddle in affairs of other countries only to intensify and encourage more aggressive retaliation? Just think for a moment had the US not intervene in Iraq and dispose of Suddam Hussein or not support Hosni Mubarak in Egypt like what Truman did in relieving Mac Arthur only created a tempest of hostilities that currently are unraveling the whole Mid-East. Just maybe if the United States support the assertion that Assad in Syria isn’t the evil ”Ming the Merciless” for a moment and brokers a compromise in Syria just maybe the fervor pitch of tensions will subside. As it stands now the whole region is a powder keg just waiting for a spark to ignite the world into a firestorm of horror.  

Here again we are witness to policies that have continued to keep Americans subservient to the whims and capitalists that reap billions of dollars keeping us all hostage to the energy of the first and second industrial revolution. The all mighty oil conglomerates continue to assault the American public in their never ending thirst for more profits at any cost. What scientists have long suspected and now have definitive proof that mankind in their ever ending consumption of fossil fuel has caused almost irreversible harm to the worlds ecosystems and therefore puts man in grave danger as well. The worlds oceans are reaching a desalination point which only means more intensity of storm activity. The by product of this desalination are the past tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons that continue to cause so much devastation in every part of the world. More storms are projected to happen leaving countries infrastructure with catastrophic damage costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost. Who needs the Four Horsemen when oil companies are riding waves of $green. 

Never before in recent memory has the media and governmental officials been totally misinterpreting the facts about the U.S. economy. The sad irony is  job growth currently only keeps the unemployment rate steadily reported at 7.5% but, realistically is a far cry from the reality of today. Sure, there are bright spots on the economic horizon but overall the unemployment rate and underemployment rate have continued to fester like an open wound that doesn’t seem to heal. Reality check today, over 25% for African Americans age 18-35 remain unemployed with a 15% unemployment rate for Afro-Americans that are over 35. In some areas of the country it is even worse. Today the actual rate of unemployment is well over 12%. When a country such as the United States continues to have unemployment rates in double figures with an ever widening income disparity gap signals that something really is amiss with current governmental policies, the actions taken by corporate America and that includes our financial institutions. Some might argue that the recession has only continued. Argue, with statistics like these, who can argue. There again our elected officials are constantly in a state of denial. 

Take any city in the United States, Anytown USA, all toll there are millions currently homeless, so destitute they have taken refuge where rats call home. People by the thousands are forced to live is such deplorable conditions right here in the good old USA everyday. And, yet the main stream media has the audacity to report that the recession had ended some time ago. Well! folks the first distortion is the fact we currently still are in a economic depression that has taken hold  in practically every corner of America. Sure, many have remained unscathed and some are doing quite well, but the fact remains that beneath this facade there lies a greater proportion of our population that are literally left out in the cold.

While our politicians dither with meaningless legislation or hold the nation hostage too many Americans are wondering why those bureaucrats still don’t get it. Take for example the current debate on gun control and the perceived attack on the 2nd amendment. All the while more people end up killed because of the failure to enact legislation that uses technology developed for specific purpose to end armaments from getting into the wrong hands. When congress passed that fiscal cliff legislation awhile back actually only made economic conditions that much worse. For those who still manage to hold onto their jobs keep seeing their disposable incomes fall yet, again. All this while everything else continues to cost more. Net result, economic retardation. The highest percentage of jobs created in the last quarter were not conducive to trigger economic resurgence. Quite the contrary resulted as more people fell down that ladder of economic and financial mobility.

It seems that our illustrious “Economic Wizards up on Capital Hill have only continued to put forth legislation that is so contrary to the well being and economic stability of the country. What they fail to realize or is it that they don’t want to realize that their best efforts to date have yet to bring about economic expansion. It is no wonder considering the state of politics today. Where money, the greatest amount they can grab dictates outcomes of elections. In essence our whole political landscape from state houses to Capital Hill are inundated with money grabbing self serving individualists that haven’t got a clue on what it takes to rejuvenate this country. The United States is on the verge of falling into a stereo type only depicted by other third world countries. 

As the retirees the baby boomer generation they continue to endure more financial hardship. Where some are supporting their grand children and believe it or not there own children. When we actually think what is really going on those golden years really aren’t that golden now. Sure,  seniors to date saw a pittance of a cost of living increase in  social security benefits only to have more taken out of them because of Medicare part B and C. This leaves so many bewildered seniors on how the hell they are going to be able to pay their electric bill. And, if one is still fortunate to have Cable TV that too may be sacrificed just to put food on the table. The golf cart reality still is a place far off in the distance and for many continues to be unreachable. Oh! the joys of retirement living in this good old USA.

It is as though no matter what comes out of Washington instead of forward momentum toward economic growth for all only has resulted in a country that really has lost it’s way. Budget cuts in every aspect of government regardless if it is in Washington or small town USA has created an atmosphere that only pushes this country further away form ever realizing the potential that actually still remains, though hidden in America today.

It really is a sad commentary for the times of today. With the rest of the world poised on the brink of mayhem and in some places it is already occurring leaves little doubt that troubled times are still ahead. While most of us here in the United States are still not directly affected by the turbulence overseas we nevertheless have our own set of circumstances that need direct and concise attention in order of felicitate any hope of getting out of the economic predicaments we have put ourselves into.

Still for many we are only existing and not living a life that they thought they would enjoy. For many have no choice. When we have entrenched public figures that continue to put forth laws, issue mandates and pass legislation that only serves those who enact that legislation leaves little for the rest of the population to do but to suffer the consequences. As we have seen and continue to see the consequences of all that legislation that was passed from the late 1980’s all the way through today has only continued the vicious cycle of economic suffering for an awful lot of Americans. We have also seen the lack of cooperation that would keep Americans safe and secure wherever we happen to be in our own country. 

There are hard choices that have to be made and the time to make them is now. Believe it or not the United States has the potential and the capability within to turn the tide of economic stagnation into one of resurgence and prosperity. Where our children can be safe and secure. Where our own future lies waiting for us to fulfill our aspirations, hopes, and dreams. To achieve this will take universal resolve to unite behind a plan of direction. A plan of direction that unveils Immigration Reform,  implementation of technology to ward off unauthorized use of the 2nd amendment right, to one that would bring about the economic revival that is desperately needed so that every American, young and old alike, will be able to enjoy what our country has to offer has to be that plan of direction. This comes with total implementation of National Economic Reform and it’s Ten Articles of Confederation. Then and only then will America begin to have the ability to rebuild from within to ensure the future for us all.

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