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A Shift in Seasons

As the climate and seasons changes in the earth, so are there seasons in your personal lives. Some you may enjoy, while others you wished would rapidly pass.
There is a reason and purpose for every season as you understand how to cope during the changes.

I know that everyone is wondering what is going on with the weather and the various places that the occurrences of such mishaps are taking place. Do NOT be alarmed for everything that happens is for a purpose in our life and surroundings. There are storms, tornadoes, hailstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes and many fires in the natural world, so what do you think is taking place in your life due to the spiritual world. Learn to discern the times of what is going on around you, with you and within you. Know that you have to have experiences in order for your life to endure its destiny and purpose.

Storms, fire and weather disturbances come sometimes suddenly and most people are very much unprepared as well as unaware of what is and has taken place. It leaves some people despondent, angry, confused, and disillusioned, wondering what did I do to have this happen to me.  It is the same way spiritually when trials, circumstances and attacks come up against the people of God. They began to think that the Lord is angry at them or lied by forsaking them. The Lord promised to NEVER leave us nor FORSAKE us. The situations have you feeling like you are in a forsaken and in a very dark place, when actually it’s a blessed place. Once you realize the season (trial) you then will be able to realize the reason (purpose).

Your destiny will probably need a fire whiles others may need a tornado. The both of them are terrible and could be deadly but that is the true purpose of them ALL. We must really and truly die (spiritually) from the flesh and circumstances in order for the Father to get what He wants from and out of us ALL. Our mind tells us that we really wished or hoped that we were actually dead (physically). The attacks and catastrophes are just that upsetting and devastating sometimes to most of us.  If you could only see or get the revelation of your mishap, you will relax, STOP kicking and complaining, be still and KNOW that He is God and want His desires fulfilled in and through you for His purpose and for your happiness, always.

When catastrophes or certain seasons come; people from ALL walk of life will come together to lend a helping hand for the betterment of the injured or victims. This pattern is so recognizable when trials come to test or buffet you; the ministering angels are there to do what is needed on your behalf, as well.  You do not accept the help readily, for you want out and for the hard wind to stop blowing against you. The Lord PROMISED that He would NOT leave us ever but because of the present pain from the trial, we forget the help, and PROMISES FOR BEING TOO FOCUSED ON THE PROBLEM. Let the pain, mishaps, trials, attacks and every encounter takes its course as you allow the process to be fully completed without interruptions from your emotions of whining, rejecting and fighting it. Eventually you will come to understand and know that it was NOT that horrible as it seems.

The pain will last ONLY as long as you allow yourself, to feel the sting, focus on the attack from the pressure of it all, rather than the victorious expected outcome or end. You know it came, it is, and shall be resolved, for that too MUST pass where the Lord gets the glory and you get the reward of being the OVERCOMER as you were created to be. SO whenever a catastrophe come your way just say Lord what will you have me to DO and rest in HIM knowing that He has your best interest at heart and as long as you have breathe in your body, you will make it to that place called VICTORY.

NEVER doubt the journey that the Lord puts you on but ALWAYS doubt it when you have decided to take a journey without Him, and His approval. Your pleasure comes from your divine purpose and therefore He KNOWS the directions you should take and embark upon. STAY PUT and continue FORWARD-NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER HOW HOT OR PAINFUL, for it does subside in due season.

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