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Advancement of Technology – Too Fast, Too Furious?

A.k.a. One of the reasons you are or will be soon unemployed.

When we hear about the next “new technological advancement”, most of us feel that it is for the better. And a lot of times it is exactly like that, but the fact of the matter is, that in short run, sometimes costs are equally great as the potential benefits.

We all like to buy new things, if we can afford them of course, use them, play with them. And yet, there are millions around the world affected by them in more then one way, not necessarily in the way the creators meant for them to work. New technologies, while wonderful in some, often very specific areas, can destroy work places and yes, can lead to higher unemployment.

Better, faster production machines, more efficient factories, work stations that need less and less human input and sometimes none at all. Those are all problems highly developed societies have to face sooner then later, cause it is happening already. We have been privileged to live in the age when übermensch are born, but not in the Nietzsche-an way. Super humans of today are created from money, we strive to get it and we waste all our life to have as much of it as we can, some of us succeed. Money has the power to create, money is behind every single breakthrough. And even though with each one we are better (in a way), we do lose something, something we can never get back.

For the rest of the population, the unfortunate part, the unneeded part, there is a tired speech that “your services are no longer required”. Sure, not everyone that’s fired loses his job because of a machine that will take over, but a big part do. Lots of us will most likely never find a good job because of that fact. And the majority will have to agree to live sub par in comparison to everyone else. That is something I’d call a wasted potential and every year there is more of it. Every year, all around the world, more people need to use social services and that generates all kind of issues in other fields. Are they to blame? Some, maybe, but all of them?

Human beings have a rather short life spawn and there is natural motivation to do as much as possible in that time. There is a need to explore and a need to know, need to advance, to leave something behind. But is this all for the better? Is the ultimate goal for today to create poverty for tomorrow? Because sometimes… it seems so.

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