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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Big Population to a Country

The population boom has affected every country in the world resulting to an estimated seven billion people around the world. The top five countries with the biggest population are China, India, United States, Indonesia and Brazil. But the question is how do these countries deal with their population and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a big population to one country?

Here are some of the advantages:

More budget for the country. One of the great advantages of having a big population is more budget for the country. Let’s say a country has a big population, obviously there are more people to pay for their taxes resulting to more tax collection. The government gets its budget form the taxes given by the people. Therefore, if a country has more people, the country also has more revenue.

Faster progress. One of the needs of one country is manpower. If a country has more people, then the country would have more laborers to work for the country. If the country has more laborers, obviously there will be more manpower for the country. More people will work and help the country progress quickly and easily. An example of this is the Philippines. Philippines has a big population for its small country. Many Filipinos go to other countries to work making their country produce more income.

Stronger army. Since there are more people in a country, why not put more men in the military? In that case, the military of a country will be stronger and better. If a country has a strong army, other countries would not threaten the country. Having a strong army also helps the country defend their territories in case of war.

And these are some of the advantages:

Too much wastes. One disadvantage of having a big population is too much wastes and improper disposal of wastes. If a country has a big population, there would be more wastes compared to countries with a small population. One more problem is that when a country has too much wastes, there would be not enough space to store the others.

Shortage of resources. Since there are more people, the resources would not be enough for those people. The resources should be divided equally among them making it less for each citizen.

Pandemics spread easily. When a pandemic has attacked a country with a big population, it has a larger probability that it would spread quickly and easily.

Faster destruction of nature. Since the population gets bigger, the demands of the people get bigger as well. When a country has more necessities, it is more likely to extract resources from nature which results to exploitation of natural resources.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a big population. Big or small? For me, it doesn’t matter. For as long as the country is being governed by a good leader and citizens are helping each other excel, there would be no problem.

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