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Africa: Food and Water Crisis

Africa’s lack of food and water leads to many of the problems including war and political instability. Without the proper water and food supply, Africa will not become a stable continent.

Political instability and an economic crisis are direct results of drought in Africa as well as food and water shortages. Because of drought and lack of food and water, leaders are unable to successfully lead the continent and supply the needs of the people. With the drought, the economy is unable to flourish due to lack of workers and an unappealing market for foreign investors. The faulty products and aid services do not give the help necessary to maintain their normal lives and produce crops necessary to survive.

            Without an adequate supply of water and food for the people of Africa, the continent is very hard to lead successfully. The diversity of Africa’s landscape and the variety of needs just adds to the problem of finding an easy solution. In the Somalia region, the main problems facing the people are inflation of food prices and loss of livestock which leads to starvation (article 1). While in the Ethiopian region, the main problems are lack of medical care, rains failing to come, and conflict between the government and the rebel group called the Ogaden National Liberation Front (article 2). In both of these regions, shortages of water have lead to increases in poverty and high levels of starvation. The government is taking the blame for many problems that they have no affect over, such as drought. The drought makes crops necessary for survival unable to grow in regions such as Eritrea. The diverse problems make everyone’s needs unable to be solved. The government wants to try to solve the immediate problems and just give food to the starving people. This does not solve any long term problems. When the food aid runs out, the people are still left in a desolate area with no water and are still unable to grow food. The government ought to be looking ahead for ways the people can have long term aid, such as building dams and new ways of irrigation, or by giving a farmers food for the livestock (article 7). Because the whole continent has many problems, leaders change frequently to try and solve every problem quickly. It would benefit all the people of Africa for one leader to take charge and make a plan over the next few years to solve Africa’s problems rather than just delaying them (article 7).

            The economy is in a steady downfall due to the lack of adequate food and water supplies as well as drought. The drought has caused many farmers to leave their farms and migrate to more urban areas due to the inability to produce crops (article 11). With all of the farmers abandoning their fields, the amount of exports has dramatically fallen. Not only do the farmers not export enough goods, they also are not producing enough food for their continent and their own families. With the amount of malnutrition of almost 100 million people all throughout Africa, people are unable to work (article 5). The only jobs people are able to get are jobs in large factories. But with the unstable food and water problems, the appeal for moving a big business to Africa is not high. The lack of jobs opening up and the physical state that many poor Africans are in make the economy a very unfavorable part of the continent.

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