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Aids Cure

Cure or profit..

Understand why the AIDS cure has yet been discovered and check out the new hope of cure for the disease .

According to the researchers , the AIDS cure has not been discovered because the HIV virus replicates always differently and the medicines that initially seem to catch it , over time they lose their effect, and viral load back to the individual rise.

It is a virus with high genetic variability . So it’s like trying to hit a moving target , said Myrna Bonaldo , one of the researchers of the subject .

According to scientists , the financial condition and do not know everything about the action of HIV in mankind are also factors that hinder the creation of a drug to cure AIDS , as well as a vaccine against AIDS .

Man is cured of AIDS

Apparently , Timothy Ray Brown – The Berlin Patient – was the first patient who achieved a cure for AIDS . He underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia by German physician Dr. Gero Huetter and after the procedure , it seems that no examination can detect the HIV virus in your body .

Timothy received stem cells from a man who had a genetic mutation that makes it naturally resistant to the AIDS virus . His cells lack the CCR5 receptor , which is the port of entry of HIV into CD4 cells . This meant that the patient would not produce more HIV-infected cells , and with treatment , cells were infected already been eliminated.

Currently Timothy Ray Brown is HIV negative, but agrees that it is still not possible to perform this procedure on all HIV positive because the costs are high , the transplant is risky and difficult to find compatible donors .

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