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Al Jazeera Praising Osama Bin Laden

The terrorist supporting network, offers interviews that praise the fallen murderer.

As if the “Al Ja Terror” network couldn’t get any slimier, the executives at the Palestinian centered network gave the go ahead to air interviews, where the subjects praise Osama Bin Laden as, kind, brotherly and loving.

Really? Are you sick? But alas, the answer is yes.

This should come as no surprise. I, as well as many others that I know, have questioned the stance of the station for many years. I believe that somewhere out there in the world, there is some sliver of evidence that will actually lead to a connection between Al Jazeera and the terrorist organization “Al Quieda.” I state this because I believe the evidence supports it. Four nearly ten years we had some of the greatest man hunters in the world searching for this animal (Bin Laden) yet for all of our satellites and search technologies, we continuously came up short. All the while, Al Ja Terror, continuously received video taped or audio taped messages from the murderer Bin Laden.

This last piece of the pie, is yet another in the face of all Americans, who are either overjoyed at the death of this dog, or those reserved in remembrance of lost loved ones in the wake of the success of our CIA. It is really quite expected, coming from an organization who has in the past aired many anti American shows and interviews.

Oh and just for the record, Columbia University just honored the slime that is Al Jazeera, for excellence in journalism. Please, join me in emailing Columbia to tell them exactly how you feel about the “honor” of this anti American organization.

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