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Amendment One and North Carolina Fine Line

In May 2012 Primaries the people had to vote at the polling place about their state amendment 1. The amendment is defining what constitutes as a civil marriage union between one man and one women. This is to ban same sex marriages in their state. As an American citizen individuals need to ask themselves about what is right or wrong with this law and the consequences.

In the past two year there has been hype in the scientific community, media, and politics about the end of days in just six months. Christians and society are now worried about this event being part of reality. The recent passing of the act to amend to the current North Carolina Constitution is adding to the current Amendment 1 to state the following “that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”[i]This corresponds with what is not only stated in the Ten Commandments but throughout the Bible. Although, this is stated people need to look outside this box even as a Christian, Christ gave us the emotion to love others but sometimes that love chooses a person of that same sex.  Christ also died to save us from all of our sins. This concept of end of days has our morals being questioned, challenged and our personal freedoms at a state level. The citizens in North Carolina and other states that are looking at same sex relationships laws need to look at the entire picture when voting this year.

Family Health Benefits

·       Public employees that are single, unmarried couples, both same sex, or opposite sex that have children will no longer be eligible for health benefits under this amendment.

·       The new federal health laws is to help ease health benefits for families, yet state laws are being changed to accommodate those that don’t like change.

·       Children and families should receive the necessary care with medical or other benefits without being judged because of sexual preference.

·       Child-visitations and custodies are no longer protected so the implementation of banning the same sex marriages causing family stress and emotional issues.

·       Emergency medical decisions of life and death, funeral, and even a living will could be easily contested in court as being invalid.

Legal Ratifications

·       Our countries Four Father’s that wrote the constitution and bill of rights was put in place as a check and balance system to protect our rights but sexual preference is personal not public. Our society is making this moral dilemma public.

·       Interpretations by the court system of the words “domestic partnerships” and “domestic legal union” will have long term effects to other legal issues like domestic violence, divorce, and protection procedures used against stalkers.

·       The definition being recognized of domestic legal union between same sex relationships and/or unmarried partners completely unconstitutional for banning the marriage, taking away freedom of choice leading to not having the separation of state and religion.

Economically Questioned

·       The top 500 companies have implemented policies to prevent discriminations based on a sexual orientation with their employees.

·       Employeement stability should not be based on sexual orientation or marriage when being hired for any position

·       Regards to morals and freedom is all on how it is interpreted

·       Individuals are slowly have their freedoms taking a way including who we can fall in love with and who to marry

Citizens that live in North Carolina and other states that are trying to ban same sex marriages need to obtain the correct information before making any judgment calls.  Same sex marriages and equality should be treated like those individuals that marry the opposite sex.


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English: 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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