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An Alternative to Us Prison Systems

America has a lot of resources to use and one area that is needed is our prison system. Below, I have listed three alternatives to US prison systems!

  According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are over two million people incarcerated in the United States! That is too many and there are several alternatives that are possible to bring that number down:

  1) Christian based rehab! This option should only be available to Christians as I don’t think that a Muslim should be forced to go to a Christian based rehab! Many people with charges of drug possession and petty thefts should not be sent to prison immediately, but rather given a chance to recover using principles based on the Bible! The success rate has been estimated at best five percent for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous! However, Christian based rehabs are closer to twenty percent! I believe the odds are better with Jesus Christ at the helm. I have heard about many first time offenders getting a year or two for their first offense. Maybe that is not the best choice!

  2) Death! There are way too many life sentences handed down rather than the death penalty! It is insane to think that a person can kill and may possibly be a member of society again! Death would eliminate quite a few of our prisoners if we would look at true justice. The U.S. has been too gentle with serious crimes and therefore, have a reputation of having the most people incarcerated for one country. I believe everybody should have a very fair trial, but once that is complete, if the verdict is guilty and the crime was murder, t6he sentence should be death. How does one earn life for death?

  3) Prison labor camps! China has four times our population and half of our prisoners! One reason is they have labor camps! When someone knows if they do wrong, that they will end up in a hard labor prison camp, that may deter some! Prisons are working a little job, playing cards, ordering from commissary, and living large and that is not really a deterrent, especially for a homeless person! We need to make our prisons profitable for our country and so they should be turned into hard working labor camps.

  America is a young nation and it is embarrassing to know that we have the most prisoners. If somebody would just listen! America is a great nation that has many resources and all we need to do is seize those resources to make our prison system the best and ultimately, that would result in a less number of prisoners!

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  1. Megan

    On December 1, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    I work for the Laogai Research Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness on China’s system of forced-labor prison camps, and I have to say this blog post is sadly misinformed. To begin with, China has no due process, so whether one ends up in prison in China is in fact quite arbitrary, and has much more to do with one’s social standing than whether or not that person committed a crime.The idea that such an arbitrary system would prove a deterrent against crime is highly dubious. In fact the only crimes for which one can fully expect imprisonment (and thus the only crimes for which the Laogai is a true deterrent) are political crimes, as even the wealthiest, most well-connected individuals have reason to believe they will be imprisoned for speaking out against the government.

    That being said, the US already has prison labor in many states, and it has done nothing for our incarceration rates. The five states with the highest incarceration rates as of 2007 (Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama, in that order) all have active prison labor programs. Clearly, this is not a viable solution to the problem.

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