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Analysis of JFK Inaugural Speech

Analysis of JFK Inaugural Speech.

Analysis of John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address


Today we celebrate freedom, not a political victory, which symbolizes an end and a new beginning and signifying renewal and change. I have sworn in front of you and god an oath our forebears started nearly 175 years ago.

                The world is very different now. Humanity has extraordinary new powers, both humane and lethal. Despite these new powers, the basic rights we stand for are still debated around the world.

                We are a new generation of Americans who have been through war and a tough peace and are still proud of our heritage, and are unwillingly to watch others around the world go without the rights we expect and demand.

                Every nation should know, whether friend or foe, we will do whatever we can to protect and assure the success of liberty anywhere.

                To our old faithful friends we pledge continued faithfulness. Together we can do whatever we need to together. Apart, a challenge would be harmful to us all.

                We promise that nations now free from colonial control shall not suffer from a new tyranny as free nations. We may not always agree, but we hope they always support freedom and that they don’t try to take advantage of those helping them.

                To those still struggling to become free, we pledge our best efforts, not because of the Communist, or we need their votes, but because it is right. A free society should help the poor before the rich.

                To nations to the south of us, we want to create a new alliance, to help you get out of poverty. This should stay peaceful and not become violent. We will join together to oppose aggression anywhere in the Americas. We plan to protect our area.

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