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Animals Without Voice

Which has made ​​us reflect on the suffering preventable cause animals we eat if we change our eating habits. This modification can not only change our reality but also of animals and our planet. The film explains the horror that are suffering most from the food industry animals from birth to death, immersed in a chain of use and abuse.

A first step to reduce the suffering of these animals we eat would be the fulfillment of the rules (both their own and those of the EU) production, facilities, transportation and slaughter of animals and avoid, for example, that animals are slaughtered without dizziness or even alive, are hung by the leg conveyors. Inescapable is Halal system suppression (slaughter without stunning) allowed the Muslims that promotes rogue that commercial interests are sacrificed for that system outside the Muslim animals. It also would require the closure of the farms of geese to obtain foie, as has been done in most European countries and those of animals for the fur industry. A group of geese

The final EU ban (March 2013) of animal testing for cosmetic avoided if compliance requires that each year a large number of animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, pigs, etc..) Are from conduct that until death or sacrifice them produce great suffering. Contrary to what you would have us believe, most of these experiments are not for scientific but for the profit of the industry. Should seek alternative methods to animal experimentation and close the breeding of animals for this purpose.

Society progresses and the animal should do it in parallel. Declare bullfighting “cultural interest” is inadmissible. Bullfights are not art, art is creation and destruction not suffering. Should be abolished, which are not, bullfighting and bullfighting subsidies. Also have to end subsidies (eg to promote the game in schools) and hunting privileges, not only for his work but for the intolerable living conditions of many of their dogs. Extend able is the prohibition of parties and events that cause suffering to animals.

Basic is the awareness of society that animals are not objects but living beings who feel and suffer, schools remain an important means of incentive to respect for wildlife and the environment and essential sterilization campaigns to end the neglect, protective overcrowding, the condition of the street and systematic slaughter where this prohibition does not exist or have moratoriums.

Toughen penalties should the Animal Protection Act, mandatory law that, when necessary, must be completed by a regulation and prevent local councils concessions to private companies to manage the protectors for the damage usually assumed for animals.

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