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Are Right Wing Extremists Like The Nf BNP and English Defence League Fascists or Nazis

Why we need to say no on every level the neo-Fascist groups rising in power in Britain today.

Are Right Wing Extremists like The NF BNP And English Defence League Fascists Or Nazis?

Britain is enduring a disturbing and persistent rise of right wing intolerance organizations. How and why? 

It is a mystery to anyone who consider themselves liberal minded how anyone could embrace such extreme, hateful ideologies in the wake of the Holocaust atrocities committed by Hitler’s Third Reich, but here they are.

Protests, petitions, counter-marches (sometimes ending in regrettably in violence from both sides), seem to help curtail them in the long run, but such groups still keep popping up. A few far right extremists even have parliamentary presence, voted into office quite democratically.

Some of their activity and support is easy to see causes for – economic decline and rising unemployment generates bitterness and a need for scapegoats. People quickly associate their own inability to get work with the latest wave of immigration – blaming incoming foreign nationals for their own misfortune.

Automation, declining export markets, exploitation of international labour to cut production costs, corporate downsizing, greedy, often corrupt fat cats, etc, all contributes to our economic decline.  All these and more combine to keep many people out of work.

Science and science fiction used to marvel at the labour saving technologies that would give us a life of pleasure, leisure and luxury as our machines did the work for us. The reality is that nuclear power crippled the mining industries – computers wiped out typing pools and robots can build cars far more efficiently than a human workforce. There would be a life of leisure for the workers if not for one obvious factor – employers don’t pay people not to work. Robots do the job for nothing – the workers get fired or made redundant overnight. Their skills and expertise, gained over years of grafting, prove worthless. The unemployed become the long term unemployed and dependent on benefits. Tax-payers often resent the unemployed getting even a welfare cheque, many adapt a work or starve stance, and others direct their hostility against the migrant populations.

Many migrants come from countries that exploit them even more than our own companies do. They are grateful for work – any work, and less likely to rebel against minimum wages or form unions. Their employers are often exploiting them – they do not get a cushy deal. 

Migrant communities, largely grow in desperation and hopes that Britain will offer better money than home. Often, it has been our plundering of their country’s resources that has left their own country in a mess. Our sweatshops in another country are bound to drive people there to leave in the often desperate hope of a better future elsewhere. Sadly, what many migrants find in Britain is not a land of plenty, but a wall of indifference, red tape, racist sneers, and middle-England knows best sensibilities. On top of that comes the extreme right, who gain power by fostering the hateful, dishonest claim that sending everyone of a different skin pigmentation or language back home, (forcibly, if necessary), will make Britain good again.

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