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Are We Too Dependent on Computer?

There are benefits, disadvantages and preventions of computer dependency.

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Nowadays, there is no place with electricity that does not have computers. Workers, scientists and students find computers very necessary for their work. Therefore, lot of people depend on computers to do most activities whether they are necessary or unnecessary. There are benefits, disadvantages and preventions of computer dependency.

There are lot of benefits we can get by using the computers. First of all, computers are very useful at school. It helps students to revise for tests or exams (Hanson, 2003) and makes subjects more interesting. Pupils can also learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures .By using the computer as the medium to complete the tasks we can save a lot of time consumption (Hanson, 2003). This is especially beneficial in the workplace where employees can do their work faster than they could in the past. Furthermore storing information on computer disk are most efficient ways of keeping data. This is due to the capability of computers disc which can hold high capacity of data. We can assure the files we keep are safe and well organised in it.

There are several disadvantages by being too dependent on computer. Firstly, increase of unemployment. According to (Bramsin, 2005)the percentage of people who are unemployed is increasing from 56% to 73% from the year of 2000 to 2005.One of the reason is the computer can do a lot of task more efficiently than the human can do. In the book of Computers Addiction written by (O’neil, 2010), people who work from home with computer are far more likely to feel cut off from the rest of the world. They cannot mix with the other people because they did not have the skill to communicate. However, since they are too dependent on computer and the function, they refuse to get out and prefer to do it virtually. High frequency of screen radiation caused by prolong of computer session may pose physical health and risky especially for young child (Anderson, 2009). As we all know when someone is addicted using the computer they spend too many time and tend to eat fast food that can be eaten in front of the computer. The food is mostly lack of nutrition and can expose them to variety of disease. For example, when the food is expose to open air, insect may come and touch the food. Due to that, the food will damage and no longer can be eat. Plus, by spending too many time in from of the computer can cause eye irritation towards the children.

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