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Baby Dumping

Baby Dumping come more serious issues nowadays.

Nowadays the number of baby dumping cases has become serious issue and it has become one of the main topics to be discussed. This baby dumping issue always related to youth nowadays. This situation must be stopped by society, if not many life will be victim to this irresponsible people. We must know how it can happens, the effects and how to prevent it.

Firstly, baby dumping can happen if people or society lack of education. For youth, they need to be educating at school. They must get formal education at school. While, at home they are getting informal education about the negative effect of baby dumping informally from their parents. As a Muslim, they need to aware that baby dumping is forbidden. They need to think it wills worth them nothing.

Secondly, according to Hon Diende (2007), this issue can be avoided if youth control their social life. Youth nowadays is more social than before. Before this, parents control all their children activities including their children social life but nowadays parents are different, they trust their children can manage their life wisely. Parents should care about their children activities and friends. Parents must know what their children doing and with whom their children are friend with.

            Baby dumping have many negative effects, one of the effects is it will cause uncomfortable situation to their family. This is because people will always think badly about people that have done wrong doing such as baby dumping. Their family will face all the critics from society.  Society will lose respect to the family involved. According to Dianne Habbarb (2008), they may feel shame having giving birth outside of marriage.  It makes their family feel very embarrassed to face the society.

On the same token, it will cause health effect. It can happen because while they want to give birth to their child, usually nobody knows about that, so, there is no expert to help them to give birth to their child. Their child will not properly birth. They might give birth to their child at unsuitable place because they are shame people may know that they give a birth to an illegitimate child.

On psychology side, youth that having this situation might live in depression. They might face a lot of outside pressure. For example from their family themselves, for family that have daughter that pregnant an illegitimate child, their family might forced them to have abortion. If they keep going receive pressure from their family, it might cause their children to commit suicide.

This problem will affect their studies. They have to stop their studies because of their pregnancy. If their pregnant reach up to 4 or 5 month, there will some changes to their physical such as their body will getting bigger than before and bring many problem to them. Their friends will ask a lot of question because of their physical changes. So, one of the ways to avoid this situation is by quit their studies.

There is suggestion on how to prevent this baby dumping from happen such as educate youth from at an early stage. They must be informed and educate about this start from secondary school until their further their education to university. The Ministry of Education must create special syllabus to overcome this problem. While at home, according to Hun Nujoma (2007), parents to be educated about their role in bringing up of their children. Single mothers need to continue give more love to their children and have open discussion at home.

Besides that they are involved in baby dumping need to give heavy punishment. Government need to give lesson that make them regret. The government must give them a heavy punishment to them. For example, let them doing community service or canning them. God willing they will realize.

As a conclusion, youth nowadays need to realize that baby dumping is alarming issue that can cause them a lot of trouble. They need to be educated on how it happens can happen to them and how it can affect their live if they involved in this issue. Then, they should be educating on how to prevent it.

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