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Bethlehem, The Eleven Year Old Chilean Girl Raped by Her Stepfather

It reopens the debate on abortion in Chile, a country in which abortion is considered a crime.

The Chilean justice abortion prevents a 11 year old girl raped by her stepfather


Bethlehem, the eleven year old girl pregnant for more than three months after being allegedly raped by her stepfather, has reopened the debate on abortion in Chile. Meanwhile, she plays with her doll like any girl her age.

No embagro, his childhood has been broken. 14 weeks pregnant as a result of the constant sexual abuse by her stepfather, small gestation should continue on because abortion is still considered a crime in your country.

Bethlehem’s case came to light this week thanks to his grandmother, who was responsible for reporting the abuser, 32, who after confessing the abuse was stopped immediately although the girl’s mother refused

Now the case of Bethlehem has reopened the debate in full electoral process: abortion in extreme cases yes or no?. At the moment, the only party is the candidate and former president, Michele Bachelet, who hopes to return to the presidency in a country where the teen pregnancy rate is high.

According to the Office of the region of Los Lagos, Bethlehem, lives with his grandmother, who has legal custody and weekends visiting his mother, where at least three times in the last year was raped by the man who lives with his mother. Since last Friday, the man is in custody.

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