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Bi-monthly List of Books to Watch!

August 2013 has produced some great reads and fun reviews. I’ve taken the time to pull a small handful together. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

In the Young Adult Fantasy category we have Faire Eve by Catherine Stovall. Tiitle: Faire Eve,

Genre: YA Fantasy

Three sentence blurb:

Every little girl dreams of being a fairy princes, except for Eve. Raised in a world where magic is never discussed and fantasies are discouraged, the young girl is taken by surprise when she learns that she is Sidhe royalty and all of Evalon needs her help. Now, Eve must travel through magic portals, face down an ice breathing dragon, and discover the light inside the darkness to save a family she has never known.

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If you enjoy a good thriller check out Take no More by Seb Kirby

Shorter Blurb:
Can you uncover the dark secret at the heart of the bestselling Seb Kirby thriller TAKE NO MORE?

If you’re in to Romantic Comedy check out Sible Hodge’s Fourteen Days Later

Shorter Blurb:

Bestselling Romantic Comedy Fourteen Days Later is Bridget Jones meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Find it on Amazon:

And last but certainly not least – Amelia’s Call is an unusual romance written by the gifted Margaret Sharp.

Shorter Blurb:

Looking for something unconventional? ‘AMELIA’S CALL’: powerful, page-turning and compelling! What will YOU make of Amelia’s Call?

You can find it on Amazon:

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