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Black Friday 2011: The Crazy Shopping Day is Coming…

That’s right. Black Friday 2011 is almost upon us. Although I personally enjoy Thanksgiving a great deal more, Black Friday is one of those days that makes people absolutely nuts, which is why I generally get away. Not sure what I mean? Well, check out these insane stories of Black Friday mayhem from the past….

I don’t understand it. I really kind of despise it and it almost makes me sick. All I can imagine is taking my kids shopping and being trampled on Black Friday because people are idiots. Are we heathens? Apparently when there’s a huge sale we are….

It’s unfortunate, but people have actually died in Black Friday stampedes (yes, I am calling them stampedes because 40% off apparently turns human beings into wild animals), shoot-outs, and tramplings.

Who does that? It baffles me.

So for our top story, there have been several instances of pregnant women being trampled, shoved, and pushed around in Black Friday madness, several of these incidents leading to miscarriages because of the violence. Are you kidding me? Who kills unborn children for a sale? Apparently, we do.

Ah, shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us. Supposed to be kid-friendly, right? A toy store? Not on Black Friday… don’t be fooled. Two families walk in, both the mothers with a stupid streak and both fathers with a violent one. The kids witness their parents’ idiocy. The source news article says that this fight was not over a toy… but who brings handguns into a toy store where there are bound to be children? And what mother in her right mind would punch another one, much less get into a “bloody brawl” right in front of her children?

Ridiculous and sad.

Next, we have a woman who was actually paralized because of being trampled by a Black Friday crowd. She saved $100 on a laptop and spent about $100,000 on medical bills.

Obviously, it’s much safer to shop online on Cyber Monday, right?

I went on further into my research and actually remember this story about a Marine Reserve collecting toys for kids and getting stabbed when he tried to stop a shoplifter.

Our next case is about three women who managed to be first in line at Best Buy! They had camped out as of WEDNESDAY evening (meaning they sacrificed their Thanksgiving for this shopping day), and went into the store, purchasing over $1,000 worth of electronics. When they finished, they went to JC Penney across the street. They got back to their car to find it smashed and everything they had bought stolen.

It’s difficult for me to imagine that people are so lost now that they’ve forgotten the golden rule. The one rule that should be present in everyone’s lives. The one thing that serves everyone and sums up the entire reason why we consider ourselves “civilized.”

Treat others like you would have them treat you. Anyone with any decency and respect for humanity – incuding themselves – would think twice about pushing and showing and killing people over a sale, wouldn’t they?

Crowds make me very nervous as it is. I’ve personally witnessed people get murdered in cold blood in a bar parking lot, and cannot stand to be so smooshed that I can’t walk comfortably. If I weren’t such a crowd-phobic person, this would be just about enough to get me interested in how to become a cop.

Now, I’m not going to pretend like I’m always friendly and nice and perfect. What I am going to say, though, is that I’ve never even been in a fight in my entire life… not a physical one, anyway. As adults, we teach our children what we do is okay… the worse these Black Friday incidents get, the more our future generations will think it’s okay to behave like neanderthals.

This is 2011, not the middle ages. People need to get a grip.

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