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Boston Bombing. Muslims to Blame?

It seems that muslims are blamed for everything.

in recent times if you cut on the news it seems that their has been another terrorist attack, and who’s to blame you ask? of course Muslims are!! well that’s the way the media wants you to think. But in actuality are they at fault??

You can see in recent events such as the Boston bombing that Muslims were called the perpetrators of the bombing but if you look closer you woulds see that the evidence presented against theperpetrators is a bit shaky at best. A radio host by the name of alex jones recently debunked allot of rumors surrounding the events and has some very interesting points that he makes during his interview.

Many people believe the recent attacks of terrorism are false flags put in place by are government in order to distract us from what is actually going on in society and in politics. 

It would seem that anyone who questions the media these days is considered to be a conspiracy theorist. But i ask you when you find yourself on the side of majority wouldn’t it be a good time to question yourself?

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