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Bullying: Positives and Negatives

All of us know bullying is a bad thing but can there be positives?

I was watching TV and I saw some bullying commercials and some stuff on the news about bullying and most of them were negatives. I then started to think isn’t there any posities bullying can have? I then found out that bullying has helped some kids but not the majority. I learned that bullying can have a positive affect on kids if the kids themselves stand up to the bully. After some research people who stand up to bullies gain confidence and respect from peers.

Still, bullying still has mostly negatives. Bullying causes little problems to turn into huge problems. Suicides and school shootings are some of the major results and a huge negative when it comes to bullying. Also, it makes kids uncomfortable in school or outside life living in fesar of what might happen. Parents too feel uncomfortable because of this. The causes and effects of bullying are some things we might not want to know.

Bullying just doesn’t stop at school or home. Cyber bullying is something a perosn should have already known of by now. Cyber bullying is the harrasment of kids online. People wonder is the younger gernations safe. All the new techonogly in the world could increase cyber bullying which gives the new age of technology a negative as well.

As a result we live in a world with bad things and one of them being bullying. People search for the answers of how to decrease the amount of bullying and how to avoid it. Bullying is an increasing problem and increasing conflicts in the world.

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