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Can We Still Save Our World?

The effects of our construction and alternatives.

Look at recent history; there is the frequency of natural disaster that has surfaced – earthquake (in China), cyclone (Myanmar), tsunami. Is nature trying to send us a message? I think it is – it is hurting and is trying to heal itself but we are not paying attention.

Let us imagine we are mother earth. If you get a cut, the cut will heal itself in a few days. Now, if the cut before it is healed is cut again. What would happen? That is precisely, what is happening to Earth. We cut down the trees for development, we dig out its oil and minerals, we open vast open spaces for garbage disposal, we emit poisonous gases into the air, water ways and even bury them.

I remember reading some time back that one tree is equivalent to 10 air conditioners. Look at how many trees are being cut down daily to build houses and provide for landfill.

In science, we know that energy does not disappear but changes form. So we have the sun radiating lots of energy to earth. Previously, we have all the vegetations absorbing this energy and converting it into reserves like food etc. However, with all our development, the plants are removed and replaced with concrete. To make things worst all the gas emission, we produce are also reducing our ozone layer. As a result, we are actually increasing the amount of heat reaching earth’s surface but way of absorbing it. What happens to all the energy that still gets here? Well it gets absorbs into the earth.

So is that a bad thing. Probably. If you look at our planet, we have the crust and then the core. There used to be a huge temperature differential between the two. With global warming and everything else happening, the differential is reducing. It has to affect the world somehow. Think about it a lot of things in nature depend on differentials like osmosis (difference in concentration), Nature is all about balance but we continue to introduce imbalance.

What are Our Options?

We still need our buildings to live in. This may sound radical but what if we covered all our buildings with plants. I googled “wall of plants” and found this.

We will gain a few benefits from this:

  • If the plants covered the outer walls and roof of the building, it will make the inside cooler or warmer (depending if it is summer or winter)
  • There is no need to paint the walls covered with the plant
  • It makes a beautiful deco

Some other pictures I found is from Business Week, which has a slide show. This is one of them:

Next we should look at how to reduce the gas emission and all the waste we are generating.

Let us start somewhere before it is too late.

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  1. Kev

    On June 3, 2008 at 8:10 am

    My school has actually done his to their carparks, its really something. lf they could forestate the rest of the buildings, it would be even better. Though, l’m not sure it will be good for reputation though. Since the people here care so much about looks, likely calling it a school in ruins.

    Not everyone sees things the same way, to some it could be a disfigurement rather than an improvement.

  2. Leonardo da Vinci E.

    On October 17, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    It is unfortunate that government tends to address matters only if they develop to the point of being an emergency, however, you can feel confident that eventually they will be addressed (usually just in the nick of time).

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