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Causes of Population Explosion in India

Aboout Indian population explosion, for countries development population is a import things. some cases population is important for development, some cases population is decrease the development speed.
I think population helped for indian development especially now. because manpower is important for developing a country.

   In terms of the size of population, india is the second largest country in the world, next only to China, India has been experiencing the problem of population explosion particularly since 1951. According to 1951 census the population was only 36.1 crore which rose to 120 crores according to 2010 census(census process is going on now). India’s population constitue about 16 percentage of the world’s population wheras it has only 2.42 percent of the world’s land area.

The important reasons for population explosion are:

High birthday rate: Even though the birth rate shows a decline, it is very high in india is about 30 per thousand where as in developed countries its is below 15. In india about 80 percent of women get married before they reach the age of 25. The warm climate in india cause the girls to attain puberty at an early age and their reproductive period begins normally from the age of 15. Under joint family system the responsibilities of feeding and looking after the children are with the head of the family. Every member gets a share of the income of the family which results in high birth rate. The illiterate people still believes that the birth of a child is an act of God and it is immoral to interfere with it. To Hindus without atleast one son, it is not possible to get deliverance from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Moreover till recently bigh family was treated with respect. Further the system of polygamy existing in many communities also leads to increse the size of population. In addition to this the concept of family planning and methods of birth control were unknow to our people.

Aspectancy and decline in death rate: The life aspectancy in india is very low as compared with the advanced countries where it was 70-80 years. However in india the life aspectancy has increased from 41.2 years in 1951-60 to about 65 years in 2010. Consequently the death rate has  fallen to less than 9 per thousand. the most important factors contributed to the decline in death rate are:

1. Control of epidemics like plague, cholera, malaria etc. and elimination of famines.

2. Improvement in medical facilities and health services.

3.  Decline in infant mortality rate, spread of education etc.

peoples standard of living is increased, so many health centers started in both sector government and private. So india is developing day by day. so we hope probably we will survive all these difficulties within 5 or 10 years. Hopefully.

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