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Challenges Faced by Immigrants in America

As an immigrant living in America, you will face a lot of challenges, pressures and challenges.

Immigrants living in America often endure a lot of questions and remarks from native born citizens about their status, how long they have been living in America, where they are from and what they think of America. It can be so easy to become offended at every little remark that you hear unless you take a few things into consideration. This article will look at some of the challenging circumstances that some immigrants living in America often have to face.

Curiosity Versus Discrimination

There is a big difference between curiosity, which is a natural inclination of us all, and discrimination, which is an overt attack against someone based on where they are from, their cultural background and so on. Are you easily offended if you have to explain to the thirtieth person in two weeks that you are from Europe or a lesser known country in Asia? Rather than take offence at people’s questions, see them for what they really are. Many Americans have not even left their home state, let alone their country. When native born citizens come across an immigrant, many show a natural curiosity towards them because they want to learn about a culture that they have not had a chance to experience for themselves.

The Accent Issue

Time and time again, immigrants must face the “accent issue” from native born American citizens. While this can become very tiresome as you explain yourself to complete strangers who stop you in the street, immigrants should try not to take issues concerning their accent too much to heart. Of course, some people just want to argue. I recently came across a woman who insisted that I sounded Australian, even though I plainly pointed out twice that I am British. When I found that there was no way to convince her that she was wrong, I ended the conversation on pleasant terms.


Even the most patient of people can have their patience sorely tested to the limit as they come across people who single them out because they are immigrants. When you do not have anything to say on the matter, just smile and make sure that you are pleasant. There is nothing to be gained from lashing into a hateful tirade against people who show an interest in you because you are an immigrant.

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