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Chicago Teens on Gun Violence

Valarie Warner of WLS TV interviewed Chicago and Chicagoland Teens regarding violence to the family, friends, classmates. These young people held me in awe with their calm, intelligence and reasoning on the subject……

Black Teenagers Smiling by Zeouk Website

This group of Four Teens spoke of Gun Violence, not Gun Laws.  It was a study in their experience with death of relatives, friends, classmates.  A beautiful sixteen year old described how she sat on the back of the #29 Bus and had an I-Phone.  A guy walks up, snatches it and when she rises to get it back, he holds a gun on her.  This was in full view of the Bus Driver who did nothing and a group of others in the back who witnessed it all.  When the thief sauntered off the bus, everyone asked her “did he have a gun?”  They knew.  This aspiring girl who wants to be a Doctor felt that she had been betrayed in a way because these people saw everything but no one helped.  In her concluding dialogue however was “I don’t think people are born like this.  Their parents which is their last hope tells that they don’t care what they do and send them out into the streets, and there’s where it all starts….”  She was so smart, so bright, so calm and reasonable.  The four Teenagers comprised of 1 Latino Male, a Black Male and Two Black Females.   Watching them talk and reason, you realize that these precious pearls of our future are in danger and at the same time, they displayed wisdom beyond their years; wisdom that we pray gets them through to the next phase of their life and that is living their dreams.

The next young man’s older brother who’d taught him to play Sports like Basketball, Hockey and all the things that keeps a young brother well rounded was gunned down on Halloween 2009.  How well do I remember that making the news.  His brother was never purported to be in a Gang, however and was a family man.  His little brother who is only 10 now, had the wisdom of a grown man.  He amazingly said “Yes, I still love my City….when I am being driven around I see all the people I know and they are nice, I can wave at everyone because they know me and yet, they are still killing their friends…..”  He has high aspirations as well.  These were all good kids, going to school, doing well with high aspirations and intelligence enough to know that Parenting goes a long way first of all.  The topic didn’t get into the presence of these guns so readily available to the thugs, but more or less, how they would survive.

One girl’s last statements was that “People don’t react because they have gotten so used to things happening this way and it’s just not alright”  while the other one said “I watched someone shot in the Alley lie there while everyone called for the Police who came too late”

These young people didn’t have that much faith in depending on the Police either and why should they.  There used to be a day when Police arrived as you were hanging up the phone!  Overall, it’s sufficient to say that it is both tiring and unfair for these young, poised and nice Teenagers.  These are the majority that you don’t hear about.  It seems that if you see five incidents of violence that this represents Minorities.  It does not.  I’m a mother, an Aunt and friend to many  young born to my friends.  They are good and focused.  We just have to fight for them! Peace.

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  1. RBB1010

    On February 28, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Violence of any kind is horrible and unacceptable, a lot of young teens with a great life and future ahead of them, many times killed.
    I don’t have the answer accept Jesus, He changes lives and changes people, good article.

  2. Tiki33

    On March 3, 2013 at 1:23 am

    The violence is on the rise. Teens need to be guided and provided the necessary information for positive change.

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