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Chocolate Could be Extinct in Our Lifetime

Yes, that’s right. Our favorite snack could become a total luxury within twenty years.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate here and there?  It seems like in the future, a “little bit here and there” might be all we can afford.  While cocoa isn’t an endangered plant species, chocolate is nearing extinction.  But why?

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John Mason, executive director and founder of the Ghana-based Nature Conservation Research Council, says, “In 20 years chocolate will be like caviar. It will become so rare and so expensive that the average Joe just won’t be able to afford it.”

Now, of course this is just a speculation.  But he does have a significant point.  The farmers who currently grow cocoa trees are abandoning the cocoa to grow other things that are easier to manage and have more monetary value.  So while cocoa trees aren’t themselves endangered, they won’t be farmed nearly as often in the future.

In addition, cocoa can only be grown very close to the equator, which means it is going to be difficult for other people to take up the burden of cocoa farming elsewhere in the world.

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