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Christopher Hitchens Debates Islam

A surpisingly strong looking and stronger sounding Hitchens accuses Islam of being a religion of dangerous radicals.

Make no mistake, Christopher Hitchens does not simply dislike Western religion – Christopher Hitchens finds rampant and dangerous corruption inherent within all religion, most notably perhaps, Islam.  He is in fact, an equal opportunity atheist.  In a fascinating debate that took place just last week, Hitchens spars with Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan.  Ramadan attempted to discount charges that a considerable segment of Islam had been co-opted by radical extremists.  Hitchens would have none of it, utilizing the often scathing wit that has made the atheist author a noted favorite among his like minded readers across the world.

Though seated throughout the debate, Hitchens appeared in relatively good health considering the ongoing battle against the cancer that originated in his throat, but has since spread to his lungs and lymph nodes.  The famous baritone voice remains clear and firm, the eyes sharp, and the infamous Hitchens’ demeanor the perfect balance of imposing intellectual arrogance.  While remaining respectful of Tariq Ramadan as a man, Hitchens openly shared his disdain for Islam as a religion.

One of the more powerful lines Hitchens leveled at his Muslim opponent was the following:

Some people say that Islamists give themselves permission to lie to non-believers. It sounds like the sort of vulgar paranoid thing that an Islamaphobe would say, doesn’t it? It’s very easy to disprove. Except that it hasn’t been.



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